Another Ibuprofen question

I read on another topic that Dr. Hain suggests people use Ibuprofen for vertigo/dizziness. Do any of you know why this helps? I have found that it is very helpful to me when I am have an especially bad “carsick headache.” I guess I am wondering if the fact that ibuprofen helps this does that mean I am more likely to be suffering from MAV rather than MM? or does it mean absolutely nothing as it isn’t the actualy vertigo I am having when I take this so I don’t even know if ibuprofen helps the vertigo and when I do have a vertigo attack I doubt I would take Ibuprofen but would grab the valium/meclizine/promethazine.

Hope I’m making sense.

I guess I assumed it was because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties, which is the same way some of the preventatives work.

Hain said to me NSAIDs are “highly effective” for dizziness and headache, you just need to keep the use down to 2-3 times a week in order to protect yourself from a rebound reaction.


Julie, Thank you for your answer.

Do you know if ibuprofen helps at all with the dizzy feeling that comes with Meniere’s? Or does it only help the dizzy feeling of MAV?

In trying to research this I read that one of the side effects of ibuprofen is water retention. Since I’m on a diurectic this makes things rather counter-productive wouldn’t you say?

that’s an excellent question - i have no idea if it would help Meniere’s - you’d have to try it to find out. I find that I have to take a decent amount - at least 600 mg - for an effect.

is 600mg safe? I’ve only used 400mg from time to time. It does help bring my “levels” of rocking down a notch. It doesn’t help as much when the rocking already is low (like today - very low).

Does Hain use it for other types of dizziness than MAV? I wonder as I’m still unsure of what I have (though symptomwise it’s mdds mostly + some mav stuff)

/ mikael

The safety of NSAIDs is another story. I was going to ask Hain “2-3 times a week at what dosage” but we got to gabbing and i didn’t have my list of questions in front of me, so i forgot. Next time I talk to him, i promise, I will do it.

Not that this means a thing, really, but it’s approved, by Rx for up to 800 mg twice a day. when I, by accident (i mis-read the bottle) took 1000 mg once, i became absolutely still (and I had driven 3 hours). I wouldn’t do that again, it’s a drug with risks, i’m just giving you information.

i’ll get back to you after I talk to Hain again in 6 weeks.


This is strange as I had a headache , small one today and took one 200mg of Ibuprofen and my waves seems to calm down do you all think this could be helpful or was it just coincidence.

I have to be careful using them because of my stomach but if I could take a low dosage to help manage them that would be great.


No, its not coincidence. It works.


I wonder why it doesn’t seem to help me with my vertigo episodes. It does work well for my mild/moderate headaches. Maybe it’s good that it doesn’t help, or I would be eating them like candy to feel better and would then end up with kidney problems. I’m glad it works for some people, though. That sounds like a quick, easy fix for a temporary break from the torture.


Yes, as discussed here before, its a wonderful thing for those it works for. But as with any med, there are consequences if used in excess of moderation.

I just took 400 mg of ibuprofen for a headache above my eye and my constant feeling of being on a boat is almost diminished. This makes me wonder if I have VM , MAV? Doctors diagnosed me with ‘hydops’. Don’t think that’s it. I have no clue what the hell is going on with me. I have arm weakness, tinnitus, boat rocking, nausea, leg spams, twitches, tremors. What a nightmare.

I’ve had all those symptoms except arm weakness (I had leg weakness and restless legs). Ibuprofen never really helped me though, Aspirin helps a bit. Are you on a migraine-specific diet?

I’ve dabbled, but now after seeing the profound impact ibuprofen has on me, I’m going all in on the HYH diet.

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Same here! I took 400 mg for a headache above my eye and 30 minutes later I felt the constant dizziness subside almost completely. I was like holy hell, I haven’t felt this calm in a year!

I’m wondering the same thing. My guess is that ibuprofen would only help with MAV dizziness. MM vertigo seems unlikely to be helped ibuprofen. I’m no Dr., this is purely based off my year of research and just a hunch. I would love to know the real answer to this as well.