Another medicine prescribed

Hi all,

Unfortunately my so-called gluten free life after being diagnosed with Celiac disease hasn’t been the complete cure-all. It is definitely a trigger and I get dizzy/sick when I eat gluten but I’m still having issues… I’m on propranolol 120mg, magnesium, diuretics certain times of the month, Maxalt a couple of times a month when a feel a humdinger coming on, and Clonazapam when the vertigo is very high and I can’t function. I’ve had dizziness and seeing all tilted the last 2 weeks after the illness and death of my uncle and a stressful time at work. Prior to all this dreaded condition I never took a single med and I’ve tried all the diet changes. Now Dr has prescribed amitriptyne 25 mgs at night. First, I’m not sure I want to take another medication but I know it’s not good for me to continue in the state I am in either. I also believe based on prev posts this is a high dose to start on. I’d value some input here on whether it seems like a good idea to start or not start the ami and, if I should, does it make sense to split these pills in half? I’m wondering as well if I should try now in hope of getting better quicker, try when I’m off for 1.5 weeks at the end of the month, or wait until after I’m off for a bit to see if I get better? I have small children and a busy/ high pressure job so I want to make the right decisions here to be good for the holidays and onward…Thanks for any input.

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Hey Siomav,
25mg is quite a high dose. Most peeps start on 5 or 10mg. I just strated amitriptyline about one week ago. I started on 10mg and it knocked me out I fell asleep after taking it and felt really drowsy and unable to keep my eyes open so if you do start it take it a night. However after the intial first doseage I was fine and have only felt a bit sleepy on subsequent nights until it didn’t affect me at all around about day 4 of being on ami although everyone is different and I am definetely not med sensitive like others are. I would say start at a lower dose if you do start it. I think the tablets come in 10mg, 25mg and 50mg and above. Also, it takes about 90 mintues for the side effects to kick in and as I thought it had done nothing to me at first and then BAM I was asleep and probably drooling. Thats rubbish that the coeliac diet didn’t work for you completely it’s good to know it has helped though. I have not been diagnosed as coeliac but I have heard it can help with migraine. I might try a coelic diet but after christmas…

Hi Julia,

Thanks so much for this. I hope if you try going gluten free that it helps you. Obviously since I’m allergic the circumstances are different but it definitely made a difference. I’ve read up quite a bit on this and the drs say a lot of people are gluten sensitive and don’t realize it… My father isn’t allergic but cut out gluten and is feeling better, more alert, less joint aches, etc.
As for the ami, thanks for the information. If I do start it will be this weekend. I’m still hesitant as I’m tired of taking meds and don’t want to add more. I’m also a little concerned about having to taper off if it doesn’t work out. I know you are new to it but has it helped at all yet?

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Hiya Sio,
Thats interesting to know about gluten free it’s definetely something I’m going to try. I have been on Ami for about 9-10 days it hasn’t helped me yet but Ive heard from others it takes about three weeks before any benefit is felt. Ive noticed that I have been having a much better sleep each night though. I was also on propranolol for four months but stopped this before I started Ami. The thing that has helped me the most is having a caffeine free diet. I hate taking meds also I’m on two meds for my stomach and ami. I hope the ami works for you I will keep you posted on whether I get any benefit from it.