Another Verpamil question

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had a nice thanksgiving! (vegan) for me :slight_smile:

I wanted to ask anyone that have been taking or are currently taking Verpamil, if you experince fatigue with this med? I seem to not get enough sleep lately even if I take naps, and sleep 9 hours a night. I’m always tired, and it feels like a got run over by a train. I know having MAV can make you feel this way, but I’m wondering if it’s the Verpa? Cause I didn’t feel like this before I started taking it…I just increased the dosage to 100 mg yesterday and my goal is to go up to 120 mg over the next couple of weeks. So far its not doing anything for me… :frowning:
Let me know your thoughts…


Hi Emma,

I have been on 80 mgs of verapamil for about 2 1/2 months. I have not noticed any fatigue, but it made me feel a bit more dizzy initially. I almost stopped taking it because of that. I am thankful now that I kept going because I started to notice improvement at about 1 1/2 months. It has been very gradual, but I have continued to feel better. If the fatigue doesn’t become overwhelming, try to push through. I hope it can help you too.


I am currently on 480 mg ER of Verapamil. I think it has been a good drug for me. I have had no side effects with it, but I understand that constipation can be a big side effect for some. I already drink water all day and get enough fiber, so it has not been an issue with me. I wonder about the fatigue, as I know that that is a sx of migraine, so perhaps its just one of your symptoms and has nothing to do with the Verap? My doc always said and I know Buchholz book says the same, is that you have to give the drug a fair chance…4-6 weeks to let it do its thing and some docs feel up to 8 weeks is even better. Keep in mind also, that migraine likes routine, so if we “jimmy up” our routine with new drugs, ramping up or down, adding in exercise etc…that migraine sx will respond with aggrivated symptoms. Hang in there and keep us posted.


Thankfully, haven’t had problems w/ this drug. I’ve been on 240mg since March 2008, and had previously been on 180 and 120.

Hi Guys,

Thank you for getting back with me and sharing your stories. I’m not sure if I will continue Verpamil or not…
Lately I been having a lot of brain fog and I’ve been having trouble concentrating…I’m not sure if this is another MAV symptom or side effects from the meds…



I tried verapamil for about one month, the second week I spent on the couch because I was so dizzy. The last two weeks I was always tired and unable to think. When I went to the doc for my regular medication update it was unanimous to take me off of it.