Antibiotic triggering migraine disorder?? Does anyone have any insight?

Hello everyone,

I’ve had this for about 4.5 years now and was looking back to my doctor’s notes and remembered that when it first started I had been taking minocycline for acne (can’t remember the dose). I remember feeling dizzy so I stopped taking the minocycline and it went away. Then I started taking the minocycline again (stupidly should have just stopped) and my dizziness started again and has stayed ever since. I had totally forgotten about this and remember when I would ask doctors about it, they never really knew what to say about it. I just wanted to know if anyone else’s symptoms also started in a similar way? Does anyone have insight into this? I’m just so worried because what if there’s some antibiotic piece of the puzzle I’m missing. Or maybe this is just something that triggered a migraine response in me.

minocycline can cause headaches…pretty common side effect.

unlikely that it triggered a migraine disorder though…

I am very sensitive to any medication now even over the counter stuff ever since my symptoms started. It very well could be that the antibiotic was increasing your symptoms even if it’s not a side effect of the med. From what I’ve learned it means your nervous system gets triggered when something different (meds) enter your body which causes the fight or flight response which could be why you got symptoms from the medication.

Per Dr. Hain: LINK
“Minocycline in large doses is associated with dizziness, sometimes attributed to vestibular side effects. One would not think that this drug would cause vestibular damage however as it is not an aminoglycoside.”

It could be related or not, antibiotics can destroy gut bacteria both good and bad and the gut makes most of the serotonin in the body. Chronic migraines are linked with low serotonin levels in the brain, which is why antidepressants are often used as a preventative.

Scientists are only now beginning to understand and explore how fundamental the gut is to our health. That said though the dosage for long term antibiotic use for acne or rosacea is much lower than the dosage used for acute infections, but we are all different and some are more sensitive to drugs than others.