Antibiotics and Ototoxicity

I was interested to see this as my tinnitus and dizziness started during use of strong antibiotics. All the drs I spoke to denied there was any connection.

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If you donโ€™t mind me asking, what were you taking them for at the time?

Metronizadole for a gut infection.

Very glamorous.

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Aka gastritis? Nasty.

I was Actually on five series of antibiotics before I started having the dizziness for the VMs. A month before symptoms startedโ€ฆ so who know. Physical therapist that I know reports that he sees a lot of vestibular issues in his patients that come from weakened inner ears from patients who have chronic antibiotic use.

Yes funny that Antibiotics use really brings on severe dizziness for me I have always suspected there is a strong link as my initial vestibular issues began after a nasty infection where I was prescribed very strong antibiotics.

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