Well in my last post I mentioned all the stress I’ve been under and I’m back to square one with my vertigo jolts but one thing I forgot was I’ve been on tons of antibiotics lately and I’m wondering if anyone has noticed any issues when having to be on antibiotics? Thanks


I’ve taken a course of levaquin and amox. while I’ve had MAV and they did not seem to affect any of my MAV symptoms at all. I took them for a cold and for bronchitits. What kind are you taking?

Macrobid for an ongoing urinary tract infection, flagyl and I’ve been off and on Acyclovir. Too many! Not to mention every life changing event take place all at once, no sleep, doubled up on coffee, I didn’t drink alchohol at all and I"ve been drinking too, no sleep, bad diet, too much sodium (I have high fluid pressure in my right ear) etc. I’m sure that’s why I’m back to square one.

I was recently on a couple rounds of antibiotics for UTIs, macrobid included, and I felt bad while taking them. I had increased dizziness and just felt ‘off’ the entire time I was on the meds.

Lack of sleep alone can send me spinning, but antibiotics do mess with me too.

All my MAV started while on antibiotics. And I had a set back when I came on it again 10 month after it began. So it is maybe my worst trigger!

It might be the Flagyl, I was given this in hospital and it made me keep throwing up. I begged to stop it in the end. The only antibiotic I dont have a problem with is Amox.


I recently lost the nail of my pinkie on my car door. Anyone want to buy a 2009 Infiniti G37 two door sport model nicknamed “Christine”?

Anyway, they were worried about infection, so they had me on Clindamycin and Keflex for three weeks. After that, my stomach started to hurt, and they took a stool sample, and I had C-Diff. So I had to do 10 days on Flagyl.

To answer the question, the only antibiotic that makes me feel “off” is the Flagyl. The others don’t really affect me one way or another.

Many years ago, before I had MAV, I had to take Flagyl for an intestinal parasite (I drank the water) and I thought the cure was worse than the disease. Like Christine (cmoc, not longshort’s car :lol: ), I asked the doctor to please let me stop taking it because I felt like I couldn’t even hold my head up. But the doc said to stick it out because this was the thing that would kill it. It’s rough stuff.

Longshort, glad to hear it was a decent sports model named “Christine” and not an old banger :lol:


Did you get better from the Meds?

Your chances of getting a reply after eight years virtually nil.

I wish I could because I’m really curious about the medications