Anxeity and stress


I have been having awful stress and anxiety since the rocking dizziness started last July, I did VNG test and could not finish is because I got so dizzy they stopped it. But the ENT thinks its MAV but with finishing the test there is no way to tell. So he wants me to starts meds to see if it helps the dizziness, but I’m scared to death of taking them. I am also hypothyriod and have GAD. My thyroid levels have been off since this started, probably because im so stressed about this. My anxiety it s getting worse, I can’t handle any kind of stress, I’m depressed and crying more. I am so worried about this disorder and how its effecting my life that I just can’t stop the bad thining, of how i may never be well again, how I may never be happy again, I can’t do things anymore because I’m afraid of making it worse, I don’t go out anymore except to work because I have to work, I’m afraid of driving but i do, i have panic while driving to work. I read all these awful stories and all the awful things happening to people and my brain just gets so over loaded I can’t take it anymore. I’m scared to death of this. I’m alone in this, no one understands it. I can’t think about anything else, I wake up and check to see if I’m dizzy and then the heart pounding starts, then the panic feeling. Im afraid of everything now, I am afraid to eat anything cause it may cause something, afraid to go out cause I might get dizzy and people will not know what to do for me. I know need help but I don’t know where to turn. Do any of you have anxiety like this on a daily basis? What are you doing to help it?

THanks for any help.

Hey, I’m not a success story because I still eat stuff that sets off the symptoms. I’m not hugely disciplined…:wink: Gluten is a big problem for me apparently and my sister has a less intense case of MAV and she too thinks gluten is her biggest trigger. Try cutting that out. BUT I want to recommend gabapentin which doctors never prescribe normally I guess for MAV. i tried many meds and it was the one (100-200mg 3x a day) that did it for me in terms of giving me back most of my sense of stillness and ending the rocking. I can drive and horseback ride on it without any issues, walk fine and without anxiety - it is also somewhat of an anti anxiety med as well. It is sometimes prescribed for anxiety disorder so that’s nice about it too. Anyway I hope you feel better soon. I have a migraine starting today but I am trying to block it with a big dose of magnesium glycinate! xx

Hi there,
I have had “dizziness migraines” for 12+ years now. I also was diagnosed with GAD. I do clonapen - .5 mg each night.
I tried several different drugs in the fight to remmediate this thing.
I ultimately stopped after not finding a “cure”. Having said that - my life is generably bearable. I am able to work, and have days with no problems. Light levels really effect my symptoms - which are usually more visually related, but sometimes the dizziness/movement wierdness predominate. Sinus issues also are tied in I believe.
The clonapen I think has helped.Let’s put it this way - I have tried to cut back on it and I get more dizziness.
I feel for you - and hope you can find strength. This and another forum are new to me - no input from anyone for years other than doctors…which as you know can be very frustrating.
Good luck.

Hi Dizzy62… Just wanted to reach out to say I understand about the anxiety. Sometimes it’s hard to know where the anxiety/panic fits in or if you would have had it in some form without MAV etc. I am going through much the same thing… am working up to a 100 mg of Topamax, but anxiety has been major. But I had some anxiety before I ever started the drug so I don;t totally blame the drug. I am taking Zoloft now and that seems to be helping as well as Xanax when I have a real panic attack. The other thing I found, believe it or not was a book by Dr Claire Weekes called Help for Your Nerves. I saw it recommended somewhere on a MAV website so I downloaded it from Amazon. Apparently it was written quite a few years ago so some of the language is antiquated, But, she offers a way to manage the panic that seems to take over , I’ve been using her method now for about 4 or 5 days and it is helping me immensely. That horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach seems to be actually controllable, Anyway, just thought I;d offer my thoughts and best wishes to you,… you’re not alone. Rosalind

I am doing a lot better again today despite the heavy humidity by taking the magnesium glycinate at 400mg , CoQ10 at 400mg and 100mg of gabapentin three times today. The sx of gaba of slight water retention and sedation are manageable at that low dose for me (I’m very med sensitive). I am almost not feeling like I have any light sensitivity and am very centered in terms of my balance. It’s a blessing. I hope that you all feel better soon! I am hoping this will be my solution. xx