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Anxiety creates excess mucus ... who knew?

I wonder if this can cause issues with the ET. And this in turn causes a negative feedback loop of mild vestibular issues, more anxiety, more mucus, ETD and so on …

Tough to say, from their symptoms page it seems nearly everything can be caused by anxiety!

I personally get extra mucus and throat clearing symptoms from apple peels (oral allergy syndrome), and yes anxiety can make it worse, but not the primary cause. Oh, and I get oral allergy symptoms really bad from butterbur too, probably because I’m allergic to weeds (butterbur = ragweed). I still remember being so frustrated arguing with my naturopath about it… she couldn’t believe it was giving me throat spasms and coughing. The other angle is a migraine-related cause, if migraines can give you tightened neck/back muscles they can probably give you tight esophogeal muscles as well.