**Anxiety Disorder and MAV**


I wonder how many folks have anxiety disorder as well as MAV? Wondering what percentage of folks with MAV have anxiety disorder? or even something else like depression.

It is sooo hard to find information on all of this.

**Raven :?:

I know for a fact that I have anxiety disorder. I’m not 100% sure I have MAV.

I’ve been a nervous, anxious, sensitive, obsessive-compulsive person since I was very little, but I’ve only had dizziness issues since 1997, so I don’t know if the dizziness is related to the anxiety. I do, however, get many symptoms on my really bad dizzy days that are listed as symptoms of psychogenic dizziness. On the other hand, I could just be over-reacting (panicking) to the dizziness and thereby making th symptoms worse.

It’s a chicken and the egg thing. Which came first?

The thing that intrigued me in the abstract that I posted on the Paxil thread is that those with anxiety caused dizziness and those with an organic cause of dizziness (like ear issues)who are anxious because of the dizziness were both tremendously helped with SSRI therapy. Migraine was improved too. Finding the right SSRI is tricky however.

There are some doctors that say those with migraine are more “sensitive”. Other doctors disagree.

There are some doctors that say that those that have anxiety have more migraines (or MAV). Other doctors disagree.

Timothy Hain has some good info on his websight about “psychogenic dizziness” and how it’s becoming a “waste-basket” diagnosis.


Thanks for interesting reply. I can understand much of what you discussed.
I do not know Tim Haines but will look for info.

Hi Raven,

Hains website is one of the ones Adam has posted on the main page. I think it’s dizziness-and-balance.com. Adam has the link to the MAV page on Hains site, but there are MANY other info pages on that site as well. :smiley:

Okay—Thanks so much. I understand the things you experience. I hope to find some helpful answers. :slight_smile: