Anxiety in making decisions, help.

Making decisions. I suffer from really bad anxiety that seems to be getting worse atm. If I sit down and write all the things I am anxious about I come up with big and little issues. They all get jumbled in my head and I can’t think straight. Writing them out helps me see what I can do something about and what I can’t. It gets so exhausting to think about doing much at all. Someone said you are stronger than you think, hard to remember that? Any help or suggestion how to cope?

I’m following up on the above.

Are you anxious because of vertigo, or just anxious in general?

If you are just anxious in general, a good therapist will be able to make you feel a lot better.

Some other great things you can do for yourself for anxiety (apart from the writing) are:

  • Meditation
  • Follow a CBT workbook based on anxiety
  • Exercise in general is very helpful, running and lifting weights
  • Cold and hot therapy - saunas and ice baths. These can help a lot with dissociation too
  • Avoid caffeine (good for vertigo too)

Therapist all the way. Professional qualified to deal with it. One that doesn’t jump to use medication!

That is why I thought of doing as well soon, after I read this article last night. Treatments Your Healthcare Provider Might Recommend if You Are Sick | CDC

Yes I guess so. I have started to meditate for now actually. Thanks

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Reduce coffee and Exercise in general is very helpful, running and lifting weights.

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I agree, have time for yourself.

Yeah, I feel like exercise helped me the most these past few days.