Anxiety medication with Verapamil?

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Just joined up to the forum.
After just over 2 years of constant “spaced out” feeling and blurred peripheral vision i have finally been diagnosed with MAV. Initially they thought it was “traditional” vertigo but none of the tests came up positive. I finally got to see a specialist in the vertigo/ear/balance area who has assured me it is MAV and started me on Verapamil (180mg sustained release).

I initially felt off about 6 years ago and was put on anxiety medications. .Having been on Lexapro, effexor, pristiq and cymbalta. I came off the cymbalta about 4 months ago since i got MAV (before diagnosed) as i thought it may have been the pills causing the problems and was not that anxious anyway.

I’ve been on the Verapamil for just over a month now and have been no better (worse if anything). I don’t have an appointment for another month and a half to check how its going with the specialist.

I’ve booked in to the local GP today to go back on some sort of anxiety medication. I have missed a fair bit of work in the last 2-3 months and the thought of missing work cause i’m feeling sick seems to make me feel more sick/anxious. I figure that i haven’t gotten any better since stopping the medication, so it wont hurt to restart.

I have ordered the Buckholz book that keeps getting mentioned to try and research a bit more. But for now i guess my question is, are there others taking anti-anxiety meds with their Verapamil? And, has anyone else tried my list of meds above and found a better one?

Hi lexm
Welcome to the forum. Sorry you are feeling worse on Verapamil might be you aren’t on a high enough dose yet as I’m sure it has helped some forum members. Can’t help with any of the other meds you’ve tried but others on the forum may be able to help.
Just wondered whether you have read the latest publication of evidence-based migraine preventative meds published by the International Headache Society. Will give you an idea of what meds are available.
Look under General Discussion or try the link below.

A month is a really short time. If it isn’t working in another month or so, your doctor may try a different preventative with you. I have taken a number of antianxiety/antidepressant meds while also on Verapamil, including Lexapro and Cymbalta like you. “Better” is really going to be relative to the person. Lexapro was extremely effective for me, but does nothing for others. It will just take some experimenting with your doc to find something. If those meds you listed help a little, but not enough, maybe asking about something like BuSpar as another option or one of the newer ones like Viibryd could be potential options to try.

Hi there,

First combo that ever worked for me was Paxil and Verapamil. I have since come to the point where I am off the Verapamil, which was easy, and have gone thru hell coming off Paxil. Now I am on 20mg of Prozac, plus some Xanax to help with anxiety. Having a LOT of work stress and anxiety and tinnitus have seriously ramped up. Had a couple of off balance days, some brain fog. Ugh. I did not like the side effects of Verapamil, but it really worked well for me so if I continue with additional symptoms coming back, I’ll go back on 120mg at night.

I am considering first asking my doc to allow me to try Buspar, to help with the anxiety. Calming the nervous system could help all of my symptoms - or none!

Like many of us here, I have tried lots of meds. It’s different for just about everyone. Hang in there!! There is light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been back to work for a full year. Had been about ready to give up on working ever again.