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Any great doctors in / near Vancouver, BC?

I’m one of the many MAV patients who is basically self-medicated – after multiple misdiagnoses various specialists, I found out my best tool was online research then literally telling a doctor “prescribe me X, because Y”. The combo I’ve eventually settled on, which works pretty well, is 25mg nortriptyline + 5mg flunarizine.

However, I’ve recently settled in a new city and I’m thinking I’ll give specialists one more go. I’m 6 years into MAV and have it under control but don’t see it headed for remission. Maybe a knowledgeable doc could help.

All that said – is there anyone reputable in Vancouver, or even as far off as northwest Washington (including Seattle)?

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Cannot help you with your quest I’m afraid. I’m UK based.

I’d be happy with that as it is and the old adage comes to mind If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it it. Helen

@flutters may know - I think she (and at least one other forum member) live in or around the Seattle area.

Sorry, Vancouver is just a bit too far.

I’m in Seattle. I like my doctors, but they are by no means superstars. They offer the standard migraine meds we are all trying here on the forum. But they listen well and are willing to try different approaches. I’m happy to provide you the names if you want to look into them, just send me a PM.