Any one else got illusion of spinning 24/7? for yrs?just me?

So after reading another thread im wondering if any one else has the illusion of spinning all day? My head goes in circles when i look down and i swing in circles through the hips if i dont concentrate. Im always off balance, walking standing & sitting, even lying i feel like i moving this has been 24/7 3 yrs…i also rock back and forward when sitting
:? are there other people like this or is it just me?? Should i just be having attacks rather 24/7? Also has any one tried oxygen for migraine??

I don’t have spinning 24/7, but I have rocking and the feeling of being unbalanced 24/7 for over 5 years now. When I am sitting I feel like I could fall out of a chair. When I am in bed it feels like someone is kicking the bed or it is moving in some way. Sometime I will have a very short spin or the sensation of someone pushing me to the side. I have brain fog and visual disturbances. All this is 24/7 with some days worse then others.

the best way to describe my 24/7 dizzies is that i feel like i’m constantly buzzed/drunk. if i sit still, everything is not. it’s almost a rocky feeling. when i turn my head, it’s like it takes 2 seconds to catch up. i don’t prefer to look up and laying down in bed just sucks. i feel like i am in plane turbulence. it’s also almost a constant rolling feeling, like if i roll over in bed, i feel like i’m rolling down a hill like we used to do for fun as kid’s, but it’s not fun anymore. after awhile, it kind of subsides and i just deal with it and hopefully fall asleep. if i try to stare at something, i can’t. my eyes or brain just won’t let it happen and i don’t have a nystugmus-weird. brain fog for sure but the topamax has helped clear it up.

life sucks like this. i have to stay busy. my husband and precious kids are what keep me;s nice knowing that we aren’t the only ones suffering like this and hopefully we all still have med choices left to try?