Any successes with Lamictal

Hi everyone,
It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I’ve been on Nortritypline 70mg for about 3 years and here and there it wouldn’t work as well so sometimes I’d increase the dose. My biggest issue with it is the weight gain of 40lbs and sometimes I don’t feel like my symptoms are fully controlled. Aka: I still have HD like vision, and I get dizzy spells sometimes especially in stores. Also sensitive when talking to someone, and anxiety.

So I met Dr Beh the other day and his goal is to reduce the Nort to a lesser amount but also start me on Lamictal. He gave me other choices such as Effexor but he isn’t sure if weight gain will appear from that so he didn’t want to try it just yet. And also didn’t do Topimax because I couldn’t tolerate it well. Verampil didn’t help much tbh even at higher doses.

Any thoughts on Lamictal?

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