Any supplements that help with Depersonalisation symptoms

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has found any supplements that help depersonalization? This is my biggest issue and I can’t seem to find any relief. I know it can be caused by many different things so it’s very hard to know what’s causing it. I do have low ferratin from a heavy cycle and have been on iron pills for years but they only slightly help. My doctors seem to think it is an anxiety issue but I know I have lots of underlying issues like a double MTHFR mutation which makes my body hard to detox toxins, Any advice would be apprciated.

Hi, if you have a double MTHFR mutation than it may be worth supplementing methylfolate if you haven’t already tried it. As with all supplements / drugs, start low and go slow.

I hope you get the best supplement that you need,I suggest seek physician’s help.