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Anybody else see stars after looking sharp right or left?

I’ve noticed lately that I have a visual “aura” trigger that I guess I’ve had for a long time but didn’t realize was related to all this. Now though, I pick up on the “after shock” headache that lasts a few minutes and probably never noticed before in my life.

Does anybody else get “stars” or “dots” (floaters etc) in their field of vision after looking very sharply down to the left or right? (Ladies–like when you are looking at your armpits to shave–LOL :roll: ) I don’t get this all the time, but I have had the issue two or three times in the past week or so. I realize now that I’ve had the problem off and on in my past (note earlier parenthetical example…). Do you figure this is from muscular strain/pulling on the blood supply near my eyes?

I’ve had so many opthomological exams, even one with a neuro-opthalmologist at Wills-eye in Phila, since this mess started. One of my symptoms has been anisocoria (one pupil gets bigger than the other) so my eye doctors sent me all over the place to specialists. No one saw any damaged veins or compromised blood supply–and I’ve seen the “dots” for years and years. Just wondering if maybe it’s part of all this and I never realized it.

yep, I get the same from time to time

Me too.


Yes!! Shaving the armpits always makes it happen! Beautiful golden shooting stars wiggling in from all sides toward the center of my vision. Looking down and sideways far enough, for more than a couple seconds, also triggers it.

I think this is pretty normal. Can’t remember why I think that, but I know I read about it somewhere.