Anybody here ever use Cyproheptadine (Periactin)

I had used it for 6 yrs up until about 5 wks ago with relatively some success and little side effects other then wgt gain. I was thought to have otosclerosis at the time and that was why I had been using it. I had not been well controlled for Jan thru March of this year and my neurotologist retired so I was in search of a new doc, after 2 opinons (both being the otosclerosis was a misdiagnosis) and sticking with the 2nd doc the dx of MAV was made. This doc is not a fan of Periactin. He had originally wanted me to do the Celexa route but I asked for something for once that didn’t cause wgt gain so we went with theTopamax plan right now…but here’s my thought, let me know what you think…at the time I knew nothing about MAV and was not following the MAV diet and not avoiding triggers like I do now, currently making the MAV lifestlye change. In the book “Heal Your Headache” he even mentions Cyproheptadine as an option, again my doc NOT a fan. I will give the Topamax the honest try 3 maybe 4 months but honestly if it doesn’t work he want’s to try Celexa…I on the other hand feel like saying lets go back to periactin which I know I tolerate well add to that the migraine diet, better sleep patterns, avoiding triggers as much as we all can, add the magnesium and B2 and see what happens. I’m sure I’ll still have bad days here and there but most of us have Ativan or Valim tucked away for that if needed. If that fails we can always try Celexa or anything else he wants to try.

Thoughts or opinions?
Thanks Cecilia

Personally I’d take periactin over topamax any day - but that’s because after 5 days on topamax I wanted to kill myself (literally) :shock: