Anybody tried the Cephaly device?

Topomax is running me thru the ringer. I’m thinking of going back to a strict keto, intermittent fasting, autoimmune protocol diet with electrolyte balancing and taking it as natural as possible. It’s hard, but I know for a fact I like it better than slowly poisoning myself and setting myself up for long term damage. My MAV was totally in remission for months last time I was strict about diet and exercise (though this fire season I’m going to chuck out pride and wear a mask).

I’ve heard Cephaly has about the same success rate for bringing down migraine as preventative drugs, but I have no idea if that extends to vestibular issues as well. My VNG results were abnormal all over the board (but no hydrops) with significant differences left/right and unilateral hearing loss. So, anybody tried it and had success across all the MAV symptoms?

Thanks, Em

Don’t let Topomax discourage you from other drugs. It is alright to go natural and that might be work for you. At the same time give Amitriptyline/Nortriptyline a try. Amitriptyline is numero uno on the big med poll.

I am a bit leery of starting the side effects rollercoaster over again.

I use it daily, but do not think it helps too much…


How long have you had it? Do you use it once or twice a day? And, if it doesn’t help, why use it?

I know my physical therapist likes to hook me up to her TENS machine pretty regularly. Other than making the skin on my back and hips crawl, I can’t say it does much, either. I sort of like having 20 minutes where I’m forced to lay there quietly. Is that why you keep at it?

Thanks, Emily

I use it because it has no side effects and maybe it helps 10 to 20%. I use it once a day.

does it work for migraine that is just aura and not headache?