Anybody's symptoms start after consuming cannabis/THC?

Now that I think about it I actually had my first symptoms right after smoking, and I remember reading an article on someone who had this happen to them as well. Has anyone had a similar experience? I was with someone else when this happened who has had migraines their whole life, and the cannabis did not trigger a migraine in them when they smoked it.

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Yes yes yes

@Space_Cadet is your friend you need to talk to.

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Alright, thank you!

You know that is very interesting. When I look back to the last time I smoked pot 3 years ago I had very similar symptoms to mav. The day after smoking I felt so out of it and disconnected. I couldn’t even talk or get out words. I had terrible brain fog that lasted a few days after. These are all symptoms that I deal with on a daily basis since my disease started . I’ve had this disease for 11 months.

I have had MAV after heavy drinking prior to chronic phase, but wrote it off as hangover

CBD Oil made mine worse…

Cbd + thc, can do that

I haven’t tried CBD oil, but I have smoked once since then (but it was only a little bit) and I didn’t really notice a change in my symptoms, but it did get rid of the nausea and some of the anxiety, and I, to my surprise, did not relapse :slightly_smiling_face: .