Anyone been on Verapamil?

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone has tried Verapamil or propanolol and had any notable side affects from it? I am still ‘trialing’ different drugs so any feedback would be great. I am a fit 38 year old male. I’m a personal trainer so I do weights etc. so any feedback ie: tiredness, fluid retention would be great!

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I had a bad experience with Verapamil. It made me short of breath right away. If you notice this, DON’T WAIT.

I am wondering if anyone is on THREE medications? I am on two and almost there. Thinking of adding the B6 and Butterbur to see if I can get back to 100%

nja1301- what meds are you on? how long have you been on them? how much better are your symptoms now?


I am on 2,000 mg./day of Acetazolamide and 10 mg./day of Flunarizine. I am about 85 - 90% improved. My vertigo is not spinning – I get a leftward tilt which affects me driving most significantly. The higher the speed, the more imbalanced I feel. I think the Flunzarizine is the most effective medication, I think.

That’s awesome that you feel so good! Do you have any trouble walking- if you do, do u think the meds helped this?

I take 40mg of verapmil in the am and 40 at night with no side effects. It’s a pretty small dose and I’ve heard that the main reason people quit is from constipation at higher levels. Good luck with it. It’s a pretty easy one to take and the first med I’ve tried although I’m having a rough patch right now.


I don’t have spinning vertigo – I get a tilting to the left. I notice it most on ladders, driving and things like skating. I have been as much as 15 degrees out of balance which is when I get nauseous. Thank God that time is past! So, mostly I don’t have trouble walking. I have the most difficult time driving.

you and I are opposites- I have no trouble driving- it is the walk TO the car that kills me!!!

I am taking Verapamil, 120 mg AM and PM which is what my doc said is the highest dose for migraines. I have constipation if I don’t eat properly or don’t drink enough water. But actually it helped me right away. It was the 5th drug I tried, and combined with a small dose of Paxil I felt better literally within days.

Now I am at the point where, I am looking forward to reducing the dose as the constipation really bothers me, and I am bruising quite easily.

Other than that, no problems with it at all.

Most people find this medicine to be easy to take, side effects minimal and easy to deal with.

Good luck!!

Hi Kathleen,

What symptoms did the Verapramil help with most? Do you have any trouble walking? Does the Paxil alone help or do you think it is in combination with the verapramil? What % better do you think you are with both meds? Glad to hear you are doing well!!!

Up next for me is a calcium channel blocker but I don’t think my dr. recommends verapramil for some reason- how long were you told to expect before it started to work?

By the time I got to the Verapamil/Paxil combo, my symptoms were down from the rotational vertigo to mostly disequilibrium, tinniuts, ear fullness, aphasia, and some serious brain fog and fatigue.

I started both on the same day. Paxil was very easy on me, as was Verapamil. All of those symptoms have been relieved; disequilibrium the most. Walking is much much easier now! Tinnitus and ear fullness comes and goes, depending on other triggers esp sleep. Same with aphasia and brain fog.

Everything increased over the holidays; of course there were NO triggers there! :mrgreen:

No cheese. No wine. No late nights. No weird foods. None! :lol:

Doc said 2 to 3 weeks for Paxil to help with anxiety. At about 3 or 4 weeks we upped the dose from 10 to 20 mg. I still take some xanax for anxiety but not as much as prior to Paxil. Verapamil, she told me I need to take for at least 3 months to see if it will help or not. But like I said it all helped me so fast, I was back to 1/2 days at work in 2 weeks. Then a month later, full time.

Still very fatigued and tired, dealing with sleep issues, but overall sooooo much better. I walk on my lunches now for 45mins to an hour and I think that will help me increase my stamina and improve my sleep.

Verapamil is the last drug they try for BP, but for migraines my doc says has a high success rate. And with such rare side effects I think it would be a good one to try.

Good luck!!!


That is wonderful Kathleen- I hope you keep getting better and better! Keep us updated on how things go!