Anyone been pregnant with MAV before?

I am 34 weeks pregnant now and 8 weeks ago my MAV has attacked the living crap out of me. I feel constant unsteadiness dysequilibrium all day long everyday no matter what I do all my vitals and etc are normal. I had to stop taking my nortriptyline unfortunately when I found out I was pregnant. I just wanted to know if any women had the same symptoms and if they went away during or after delivery of the baby. Having this while pregnant really sucks.

So sorry to hear you are having these symptoms while pregnant that must be very hard on you I’m sorry :frowning: i cannot imagine having this and being pregnant as well, i don’t think id cope but I’m sure your doing great!
I am not pregnant however have heard other people on other forums mention that their MAV symptoms eased after pregnancies (a few months not weeks though)
Hope this gives you little bit of hope, it will get better and congratulations on your pregnancy :slight_smile:

Did nort work well for you before the pregnancy? :slight_smile: how were you on it?

Charlotte x

No good advice (sorry), but my MAV symptoms came on about 8 months postpartum and haven’t let up. I’m 12 months pp now. I really hope you get some relief after pregnancy!