Anyone confused 24/7?

This has to be one of the main things I struggle with. The pain is always there but I can pretty much cope with that (until it gets really bad) but I find the dizziness, the brain fog and feeling confused all the time really does me in. I have to concentrate so much just to be able to do a simple task. Sometimes the thought of starting a job overwhelms me so much that I just end up leaving it or I start it and end up stopping half way through as Its just too much!
At work I struggle my way through the day, as soon as I wake up the brain fog hits me and just getting out of bed is hard work.
Basically the thought of having to get out of bed, think about anything or do anything feels me with dread.

If anyone else feels like this, do you have any recommendations on how to make it less awful? Or anyways to get rid completely (one can dream) Iā€™d be so grateful.