Anyone eat truffles?

Dear Dizzies,
Has anyone eaten black or white truffles since being on the migraine diet ?
anyone know if they are triggers or OK… ( obviously I don’t mean chocolate truffles…I mean fresh truffles ! )

Any experience or advise would be great , can only find mentions of truffle oil , not the real thing.

Thank you


Hi Penny,

I was thinking about this whole triggers thing today and food triggers in particular. I know there are books like “Heal Your Headache” which many on here have found tremendously useful. But then, anecdotally at least, a lot of other people are either a) following their own diet eg low carb, low GI or b) have identified their own triggers, both food and otherwise. I really think a lot of this stuff is individual and/or trial and error. So I guess what I’m saying is, if you love truffles, just dive in and have them and see what, if anything happens. Sometimes I think we migraineurs inhibit what we do for fear of what might happen and we sometimes make causal connections where perhaps there is only a correlation.

I say eat the truffle. Carpe Diem etc :slight_smile: .


Hi Victoria,
Thanks for your reply, I know what you mean about doing what takes my fancy , but for now I have to follow the diet , I am feeling much better but always on the brink of not feeling quite right so the diet is my bible as I just cannot risk not being well.
Truffles are on the family holiday menu so was trying to get some idea of they could be a normal trigger, so as not to risk feeling dizzy through the holidays if I can help it.
As far as I am concerned at the moment, NOTHING is worth the risk of dizziness for me. I am not brave enough to rock my boat !!


Perhaps there is a migraine friendly truffle substitute? I Can’t Believe It’s Not Truffles!

I think if anyone comes up with a truffle substitute they will get very rich !!
The beauty of truffles is that there is nothing that comes close.
I may have to risk it over the holidays and see what happens. It is no big deal, I don’t eat them on a day to day basis and there are so many other things I miss each day…sigh !!!

I have never truffled, myself. I can say that I’ve had zero problem from 'shrooms