Anyone else feel lousy on Inderal?

I’ve been on the generic of it since Monday night (20 mg, 2x/day) and it feels as though the dizziness has become greater since I started it. I feel an increased “rocking head” and “trampoline walking,” and I feel a bit sluggish, like there’s a heavy weight attached to me.

I think this is almost certainly the medicine and not just a chance progression of symptoms, considering how all this began less than a day after I got on Inderal.

Anyone have a similar experience with it?

If so, did you stay with it and try to acclimate to the medicine, or did you get out fast?

I’d love to see if Inderal will work, but I don’t think I can handle dizziness worse than what I ALREADY had…!

From my experience, it seems like meds oftentimes cause increased symptoms for awhile, but then the body does adapt. Have you checked your BP?

This is sort of what Effexor felt like when it started getting bad…

BP … no, I haven’t checked it. Will do that when I get home. We have a BP meter at home. I know the Inderal has slowed my pulse, though. Yesterday, I was at 83 at one point. That evening, Mom checked it and was getting 66. I think we miscalculated…

Even though I feel pretty hellish, I guess I’ll just stay on it for now. Maybe this generic Valium will help again.

best of luck, George


I have been on the Inderal (propranolol 60 mg) for 2 weeks now. I take only one dose at bedtime and I think the first week it might have made me a little dizzier but it’s hard to tell. I do know at 10:39 last night the pounding (in my head neck and shoulders) STOPPED and hasn’t really returned today. I don’t honestly know what that damn pounding is though, it’s almost surreal not to have that going on in my head, almost scary it’s been there so long. I also noticed that my vision has cleared some, my eyes almost want to work together and no migraines this week and almost NO headache at all today. I don’t know for sure if it’s the drug because the weather cleared here a bit but I think it is. The past two days I have definately felt better, not well but better. I sleep a bit better too. I still have the dizzies but it’s not as strong so I’m moving around a little bit more.

How long have you been on it? I had decided to give it at least three weeks before trying or adding anything else. I hope it works for you! I think it is helping me.