Anyone else stuck with tinnitus?

First of all a big thanks to all of you. I had been in denial for so long, but after 2 years of dizziness (with it being worse in the beginning), and I think MAV is what’s going on with me. Both of my brothers are migraine sufferers, and I used to be when I was 10 or so as well. Not quite sure what took me so long to accept this diagnosis, but I guess it was probably due to the fact that there’s not much known or accepted about it just yet. That and the fact I wanted an easy solution. I even went the whole Lyme disease route, and I can’t even begin to state what a massive waste of time and money that was.

Anyway, I have been on Verapamil 120mg, and have been feeling much better (90-95%). It’s almost like a miracle drug for me, but I have been stuck with some gastrointestinal discomfort in what feels like my liver/gallbladder area ever since taking it. I’m keep trying it, though, in hopes that it’s a side-effect that goes away with time. My main annoying problem now is my tinnitus (mostly unilateral) that started up way back when I first got this mess. Is anyone else with MAV stuck with this? Is it a common condition? I have noticed a lowering in volume since starting Verapamil, so hopefully it stays that way.

I have had tinnitus since I was a child, but since I developed this condition in my early thirties, it can be worse during times that I am really symptomatic with other symptoms. It then gets lower when I get better over all. I think there is a very good chance that if your symptoms continue to improve your tinnitus will also be more manageable. Can’t say if it will go altogether or not, it does have an annoying habit of hanging around.

With regard to verapamil - it’s in a group of drugs called calcium channel blockers and they are known to exacerbate reflux (Gerd) or can cause someone to get reflux. I suffer from reflux anyway so have to be careful which drugs I take because i don’t want it to get worse.

As you have had such success with the verapamil you could ask for a Proton pump inhibitor drug to help with the reflux (if that’s what it is) although it’s a triky one , taking one drug to counteract the effects of another. If this condition wasn’t so awful I wouldn’t suggest it, but I know how huge a deal it is to find a drug that works so it might be worth looking in to. Alternatively you could check out GERD and see what preventative measures you can take in your lifestyle to try and control it. If it is causing you to get reflux I doubt it is just a side effect that will go away with time, doesn’t tend to work like that with stomach issues.


Yeah, I doubt it will go away either, which probably means I will have to with another drug. I hate this crap. I don’t think it’s reflux related, as I don’t have any esophageal issues. It just feels like “stitches” in your right side that you get when you run really hard.

My tinnitus came out only at the start of this condition. I have had it happen rarely on/off over the years, but it was fleeing lasting only a couple of seconds at most. The first few day(s) this crap started impacting my life, I got a ringing in my left ear that has never ceased. It’s on 24/7 and drives me crazy. The good news is that the debilitating dizziness has pretty much gone away. All that I’m left with now is a slight rocking feeling sometimes.

I had Tinnitus as my first symptom 5 years ago, now I believe MAV is my problem and I am taking Celexa now to deal with the anxiety from both…I have tried drugs, supplements, and cognitive training and none have helped the tinnitus. Stuck with this for life and it sucks, I use music with ear buds a lot, and it also causes me to need Ambien every night !

i thought the ringing was totally normal my entire life for everyone :wink: it’s most noticeable when it’s silent.

last year when i had the worst attack of my life, i have had the worst tinnitus i’ve ever had (not too bad) it comes and goes daily and doesn’t last longer than 30 seconds. it’s not as bothersome as the 24/7 rockiness.