Anyone ever had a positive MRI?

Going for an MRI on Thursday. Had my first one 5 years ago and it was clear. I’ve had MAV for 5 years but recently started having what I call ear zaps so my Audiologist wants another MRI. Wondering if it’s just a waste of time and money.

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They found a vascular loop on the left auditory nerve in mine (vascular paroxysmia), but we decided not to treat it.

Ruling out tumors and aneurysms is a good thing.

Vigs (@GetBetter) is about to do one for ear issues. It was recommended by the preeminent US specialist, Dr. Hain.

I’d say if they are looking for something specific or trying to rule out something specific, it’s worth it.

No, wouldn’t think so. I’ve always found it reassuring (mine, like most, was OK, no nasties lurking). So whenever I get queer balance feelings/feel particularly odd. I can think ‘well I know I’ve not got a brain tumour, MRI was clear.

Go for it. Unlike alot of procedures it doesn’t even hurt.

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