Anyone from Michigan who can recommend good docs

Had this in 2001 for about 18 mos…woke up with vertigo one day and proceeded to be off balance and sick with screaming ear aches and pressure for almost 2 years. Went every where including mayo, had every test including lumbar puncture that hurt my back, never really knew what I had but when it lifted I just assumed it was neuronitis even tho the last guy treated for lymes…

Here we are Sept 2014 its back, except this time I have had vertigo repeatedly. Didn’t even recognize it at first thought I was passing out while driving and went to ER only to have them to a complete cardiac workup. Now I see its vertigo. ER never even questioned anything but heart. I also have a pretty consistent and sometimes intolerable ear ache, numbness in my face. ENTS say not ear even tho it hurts. MAV.
Yes my 82 year old dad has migraines daily most of his adult life (no vertigo) - so once I tell them that they are convinced.

I need some good michigan docs that will really follow me. Back in 2001 I found out just how bad medicine is. They just send you away without realizing how poorly you are doing. Or sometimes it almost seems they dismiss you as not really being that bad. In 2001 I lived 3 miles from work. Now I live 25 miles and I can’t rely on driving. I have had to have friends retrieve me from the side of a road three times in the last month…and this is dangerous.

Anyway…looking for any Michiganders with advice…thanks.

Sorry, I knew a few good ones in omaha, ne though-- good luck. Maybe the Veda page on Facebook can help .or– they have a dr referral area on their page(towards the bottom).