Anyone get visual vertigo on zebra crossings?

[size=115]For those of you who get visual vertigo, do you experience it when crossing the road on a zebra crossing?

Thank you for any feedback!

I’m ignorant and don’t know what a “zebra crossing” is? :?

A zebra crossing is an English pedestrian crossing but one that is not usually associated with traffic lights. We call it a zebra crossing because it’s white stripes on a black road ! :smiley:

But no, I dont get vertigo on those.

Wexan - how are you?

I know what you mean! And I don’t live in England, but there are things that spark vertigo in me that are similar, for example, the pattern of the carpeting at an event center I went to the last time this hit me. I had zero depth perception & spins. On the stairs too! Scary. But I also get this feeling sometimes just walking down the road; I live in a very rural area and the road surface is uneven and has been patched here and there over time, so the road itself is different colors. Add a shadow from a tree branch and off I go. :roll:

Muppo, I dont get dizzy on zebra crossings, but I did when that b… zebra was running round me in circles in the ENT department :lol: Its funny how we dont think about the word “zebra crossing” here in the UK until someone hasnt heard of it, then we realize how funny it is.

I had a t shirt with thin stripes on it once, couldnt iron it because I couldnt look at it, I binned it. My friend has patterned wallpaper and she used to sit in the chair in front of it and I couldnt sit opposite her. Lately I have found the blinds being half open at the window are bad when the sun shines. I dont get bad vertigo but they bother me.


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[size=115]For those of you who get visual vertigo, do you experience it when crossing the road on a zebra crossing?[/size]

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I find that looking left and right to see any traffic is slightly disorienting but I get more dizzy when I go onto the zebra crossing (and move my head to see the traffic is actually slowing down). Added to that, I may have some mild anxiety anticipating what the cars are doing and that too may make my balance worse.

Does no one else with visual vertigo find these crossings affect their balance?