Anyone had mri with contrast? is it bad/painfull?im scared

well after 2 years and a few meds dr gave me amother mri, then they ring and say they want another with constrast,just my luck, i hate needles and a bit scared. i really dont want that crap going through my brain its got enough going on.
Q; Any else had it? how bad is it,does it make you sick with a worse headache or dizzies worse? i might take a val i should have them if its ok
i thought i had enough torture already with this and all the blood test i have had etc :cry:

I don’t know how needle-phobic you are, but it shouldn’t be painful at all. The only thing you’ll feel is the needle stick at the beginning. Like getting an IV placed. Also, you need to make sure you’re not allergic to iodine or you could have a reaction to the contrast medium.

The only other thing to consider is what type of MRI you’re getting. People who are claustrophobic complain about MRI’s because they feel enclosed, and they panic. However, many places now have open MRI’s where you’re just laying on a table.

All in all, I wouldn’t be particularly concerned or anxious about getting a MRI with contrast.

I had 2 and it was nothing. I didn’t even feel the needle and had no reaction to the gadolinium.It should be fine.

No prob here, either. I too am not claustrophobic (except in that I fear my roof’s in no shape to support a fat man, sleigh, etc.).

My experience was the same…a little needle prick…not bad…then nothing…I had both mine done at the same time…first without, then with…felt fine (other than the normal bad stuff lol).
I had a test for metals in my system a few months later, and the contrast stuff was still showing up, so it does stick with you for a while…
You will be fine. If you have any anxiety over needles or being in a machine, then take a benzo to take the edge off…otherwise, just concentrate on your breathing and put yourself in a happy place. :wink:

I did one too and it had no effect whatsoever on the MAV – though I don’t love being in enclosed spaces.

…have you had an MRI without contrast before? It is going to be the same except for the addition of the contrast medium which will be administered via IV. You may or may not feel a little warm feeling when they inject the contrast…and you may or may not get a metallic taste upon injection. If either of these do happen, they are not overly uncomfortable or painful. Since the staff perform these tests quite often, they should be experts at putting in IV’s and that should be over before you know it. The test may take longer because you will have to wait a period of time for the contrast to get to where it needs to be before they will actually do the scan. The biggest annoyance about the MRI is the loudness factor, although I am sure newer machines may be quieter. They will give you ear plugs to help with that though. Best wishes!

I had no adverse reaction to the injection. The needle barely hurts and its fast.

The worst part is beforehand, the thought of being in an enclosed space lying down. Once you get in there, it is not so bad. Tell them to pump in some rock music for you. I asked them for that and they pumped in some hard rock, including the song “Bad Medicine” by Bon Jovi, which I found ironic.

The needle stick is all you will fell, then a kind of ice cool in your veins which is not unpleasant. Then you will be done before you know it.

I’ve had three MRIs with contrast in the last fifteen years, each time was ok.

I predict you will be fine.