Anyone have a history of arrhythmias and what meds can you tolerate?

Hi there,

I posted an introduction few days ago, pretty new to this forum.

I am wondering if anyone has a history of a rapid heart beat or irregular hear beat at times and therefore some of the meds that would often be used for VM may be contraindicated (tricyclics like ami and nortryptyline may be an issue, etc).

If anyone has any experience with this type of issue I’d be grateful to hear what worked for you.

Thanks very much.


Please do use the Search facility before starting up a new topic. Most topics already have suitably reusable threads. I note there are 43 listed entries under arrhythmia you may find which contain the information you are requesting. That said isn’t that the original use for betablockers controlling arrhythmias? Or am I confused.

Ok, very sorry about that! Still new to this and will be more careful about being repetitive with posts!

Don’t berate yourself too much. We will blame the Brain Fog. Think we can cope with this one extra. Just take it as a note for the future.

Aren’t I right about the betablockers. Medics do love to treat comorbidities with the one drug. I be noticed that. Must give them a warm feeling somehow. My doctor gleefully put me on Propranolol because my BP was high end of normal. Propranolol has done the condition well, lowered my pulse to the point I really should be wearing a warning bracelet but my BP. Not done a thing for that. Ironically lots in here have developed low BP and started feeling feint on 10mg. Whilst Providing I’m not acute I am still bouncing off the walls (even if they are breathing) on 200mg and not one bit fatigued.

Why haven’t they put you on betablockers? For the other condition even maybe.

Btw two months delay is nothing. It won’t adversely affect your chances. I wasn’t on meds for 12+ years and still responded once I took them. Constant anxiety will do far more harm. Just stop worrying about outcome and how long it might take and all the other questions only God could answer. Accept it will take as long as it takes and stay calm. Best way forward.

Hi Helen,

I think my neurologist thought since I never had an episode like this before maybe it was best to try to “break the cycle” with the depakote and then move onto other long term options. He mentioned propranolol but also told me he wasn’t 100% comfortable starting me on that as my bps can run high 80s- low 90s/60s at times (i was pretty healthy, running a lot and working out a lot prior to this dizziness/vertigo event). He said he would move to a calcium channel blocker (verapamil) next. Glad to hear the propranolol worked well for you. :blush: