Anyone have luck with verapamil?

I’m going to see my nuerotologist again Monday. I’ve tried Topamax and nortriptyline and stopped both because of the side effects. Beta blockers are out because of allergy shots, so Verapamil seems to be my last hope.

How effective is this? Do any of the big neuro-t’s use this as their first choice? What are the main side effects? Will it help with both the vertigo as well as the daily motion sick feeling? My pulse rate is slow (just took it and it is 60 beats a minute) and my bp this morning at the doctor’s was 130/66, which is a little higher than it normally is. With such a slow pulse do you think I will have problems with this?

I am so afraid the doctor won’t give it to me because of my low pulse and/or bp which will leave me with no options at all. This is so discouraging!!!

Hi Book,

I am currently taking verapamil 120 mg. It helps slightly with my rocking laying down and definitley has helped with my head heaviness and vibrations. The side effect I am currently experiencing is constipation :frowning:

With regards to your concern over blood pressure and pulse. My baseline bp is 100/60 and baseline pulse is about 50. After 8+ months on verapamil neither have changed at all, so no worries with regards to those numbers. In general, verapamil usually only lowers bp and pulse for people who have high bp and pulse to begin with (in general). There are exceptions of course.

And yes, many of the top MAV neuro docs do use verapamil as their first line drug of choice.

Good luck!


Yes. I’ve had luck with verapamil. It’s not a panacea, but behind valium, it’s easily the medication I’ve taken in the last 5 years.

Your symptoms are very, very similar to mine. Hope it helps.

I started with 120, then went to 180. Eventually topped out at 240. I’ve been on verapamil for about 2.5 years.

No appreciable changes in blood pressure.

Hi Bookworm,

My combination of prescription drugs are a one tab of Xanax daily (0.25 mg) and 120 mg(one tablet) of Verapamil. I used to be on 240 mg of Verapamil but after a year or so i decreased it to half and find i don’t need the 240 mg. Verapamil helps so that the motion and tightness in my head are less.


Joe, MS, Lisa, thank you for your responses. I’m glad to know you have had some luck with this, though I am sure there are others who haven’t, just as I haven’t with nortriptylene or topomax.

I’m not real thrilled about constipation :oops:, hopefully if that is a problem it can be helped by increasing my daily water intake. What I did read is that it can cause insomnia. That is very worrisome to me. I am pretty much back to normal sleep after my month of h***ish insomnia from the nort. I don’t want a repeat of that.

Lisa, I also have feelings of vibration - not sure if they are the same as what you feel. Sometimes I think of it as a feeling that my brain is loose, as if it is just moving around on its own up there when I take steps, kind of a vibrating feeling each time my foot hits the floor. I don’t even want to explain it to my doctor lest he thinks I am a nut case.

It’s okay to take valium and/or meclizine as needed on this drug?

Does it come in capsule or tablet form? I try to stay away from capsules as I understand they contain MSG (from the gelatin).


Hey Bookworm,

I did not have luck with Topamax either. I’ve tried numerous anti-depressants over the years to no avail. Anti-anxiety medication is most helpful for me…and Verapamil. Verapamil was very easy for me…hardly any side effects (can’t remember what the side effect was but it was very small)…i was worried about constipation too but that did not happen. Plus Verapamil does not interfere with getting a good night’s sleep…at least for me it doesn’t.

Book…i don’t have a vibration you are referring too but i feel like the inside of my head (like my brain) is being SQUEEZED. That is where the anti-anxiety med helps to reduce the squeezing sensation and calms the motion down. The Verapamil also helps but too a lesser degree…but it does give me some improvement. Verapamil comes in tablets. When things were really bad for me a number of years ago…i would feel like I was walking on a water bed…no fun!