Anyone know of a vertigo specialist in CT or RI?

Need someone near my home in SE CT.

Being UK based obviously I’m in no position to help but just out of interest Is it Vestibular Rehabilitation you are looking for. Is that it? Or something else?

I might try that again. It helped. But the 4 hours of driving yesterday to/from Boston was rough going. Just wondered if there was anyone good out here near my home.

Somehow I thought you must have meant a vestibular rehab body. Not sure why.

Agreed. Travelling with this condition can be complete nightmare. I felt motion sickness only this morning and the journey wasn’t more than 20 miles round trip. On occasions I have got out the other end of a car journey and been unable to stand yet alone walk. Here in the U.K. nearly all the specialists are London based and I’m about 150 miles due West. Such a journey would be impossible and I’m talking passenger. So I sympathise. Good luck with the search. If vestibular specialists are even half as rare where you are as they are here I fear it may well prove a very tall order indeed but it’s always worth a try.

Only thing I don’t understand. Why do you need another one? Couldn’t you just arrange a telephone consultation with Dr Priesol if required in the future? He reassured you you are on the right track and yesterday gave you a good set of principles upon which to base a treatment plan. If that works as he thinks it should you shouldn’t have need of another one or am I missing something?

Vestibular therapy. Looking for a local doc in case there’s a good VT person associated. Also, just good to have a local person.