Anyone know what cause "head rushes"?

Hi to Everyone,

I’d like to know if anyone else here :o has the experience of “head rushes” when they stand up after being seated for a while? This has been a really big problem for me and occurs a lot. It is especially bothersome after driving – even a short distance – when I get out of the car I get a bad “head rush” that makes me uncomfortable.

I am thinking that perhaps it is part of the chemical and physical make up of some people who have migraine problems. It has been a problem for me for several, several years and
many drs visits have provided no answers.

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yes i get that too, all the time. asked a few doctors, they all say its nothing to worry aboyt - basically that when i sit for awhile, and stand up rapidly, my blood pressure drops low briefly and causes it…i believe that was the explanation.

I get head rushes too, not as often as you though. I was thinking with mav being so wacky in the symptoms, it makes sense. If you have had other things ruled out, I would think this could be a problem with blood vessels, same reason we get the general dizziness?


I get these too. My theory is that my balance/motion system is messed up and unable to tell the heart fast enough that my position has changed and that it needs to increase blood flow to my brain.

Yes I have a problem with head rushes too. I think the change in position of moving from sitting to standing moves the fluid in my inner ear so it sends a mixed message to my brain and confuses it resulting in a dizzy sensation. This happens to me the majority of the time I move my head whether I bend over, stand up, look up or turn my head left or right. I even feel this head rush sensation when I stop motion like after the car has been moving and I come to a stop at a red light or I’ve been walking and stop or riding a stationary bike. Things like empting/filling the dishwasher or washer/dryer also trigger head rushes because of constant bending and turning my head. It takes a long time for an injury to the balance system from MAV to heal. This dizzy spell started last Oct. 04 for me and I’m ready for it to go away.


All you replies were appreciated very much. It seems that everyone who replied knew what I was describing.
The drs I’ve seen for this troublesome problem do not appear to really know what is causing it nor do they suggest any treatment other than eating more salt which I tried with no results whatsoever. :x

This symptom may be more endocrinological: having to do with physiological things that accompany Migraine disorders.

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