Anyone NOT triggered by acute stress?

I know it’s going to sound strange, but I’m not sure that very high acute (short duration, a few hours to days) stress is actually a trigger for me. To be clear, I’m not referring here to chronic stress for long periods of time such as that experienced during major life events, but more sporadic instances, i.e. a few random days a month at work with nonstop 12-hour action, or a severe crunch week here and there with long hours, tight deadlines and weekend work, etc. Does anyone else find that they are NOT triggered by this type of regular-but-non-chronic high stress?

My experience has always been that the let-down period after prolonged stress tends to trigger illnesses, but that short bursts, even if very high stress, do not - maybe because there’s enough downtime? Trying to figure out whether it’ll hamper my recovery to keep my current job in finance, since I’ve always found that as long as it’s intermittent I can cope and don’t get worsening symptoms. I know most people say any amount of stress = terrible for VM but trying to find counterexamples, because while continuing with my job comes with a decent amount of intermittent stress, trying to change jobs would also hardly be stress-free at the moment!

Hi NY…I’m new to this site and even a diagnosis of VM, but in my experience over the last 5 years, for me stress is a symptom not a trigger. Can’t help with the job decisions though. Hope you find the answers and some relief!