Anyone on Prozac AND Topamax?

Just curious…


Or maybe Paxil?

How much? And benzos? Which one, how much, etc…

Thanks!! 8)

Hope someone answers this Ive been on prozac before for PND and it was amazing I really rate prozac and I had hardly any side effects apart from vivid dreams and insomnia which eventually went away and very easy to come off aswell I havent tried it since I got the dizzys as it was never offered as suitable but I have seen a few get well on prozac. I want to try it again too but so unsure as want to try topamax to and unsure if they can go together.

I see people on Lexapro and Celexa on Prozac, and those are SSRI’s.

Thinking of asking my doctor if I can go back on it. I want to see what other’s experience has been. Topamax makes me fatigued and anxious, and Prozac has in the past helped me with fatigue when I was depressed. If I still get anxious or dizzy while I’m titrating up on the Topamax, I can take my Valium or Xanax as needed.

Last year at some point I was experiencing more that usual anxiety, and was sent to a shrink to try out different SSRI’s. Tried Celexa, Lexapro, but SE’s were too much for me (weight, constipation) so I went back to low dose Prozac. However, now that I can look back, I think it may just have been that this acute attack was making it’s way toward me and I had no way of knowing about it, had no prior knowledge or Dx of MAV. So maybe…just maybe it will help.

I see that Dr Hain (I think it is) uses Paxil and then Prozac for SSRI’s, but I don’t think he or anybody likes them as a first line treatment. I tried Nori, Propanolol, just couldn’t take them they were awful for me. But then again…I was on Prozac at the time I tried Nori, and my GP was not exactly approachable or knowledgeable about the different treatments, etc. He also did not take the condition seriously, which is why he is no longer my GP :slight_smile:

Anyway, hopefully we will get some interesting answers!!

Hey Kathleen and Blondie,
I also take 5 mg of paxil along with my topamax. I started paxil about 1 week prior to topa. I havent increased the dose yet bc the topa was so hard to get used to. However, I may do that soon. The reason my Gp put me on paxil was for my anxiety issues due to the mav. My migraine specialist never even heard of paxil until i told him it was an ssri. I was hoping it would help with my my mav as well, it seems to have helped the anxiety. I would def like to increase but will wait to see what the topamax does.
All in all, the paxil has helped me cope and sleep better.



Thanks! That is good to know, and only 5mg too. I have got to take a look at Paxil.


20 mg is the dose used for depression
My doc wanted me on the lowest dose pos knowing I was med sensitive. Paxil did make my mav a bit worse the first couple days…but no where near the way topamax did. So I am kind of afraid to increase it. But yes, it has helped me! Any little bit counts:)


How long have u been on 100mg on topamax and has it wiped out your dizziness completely?

I was on Prozac and Topamax for awhile, although the generic versions of both meds. So yes, you can take Topamax and an SSRI at the same time. I have now switched to Lexapro since Prozac was too stimulating for me and was actually causing more migraine headaches. I felt jittery, like I’d had too much caffeine. It is one of the SSRIs known to be more stimulating so this can be a side effect. I was up to 20 mg maximum before I switched.

I’m on 2.5 mg of Lexapro (along with 150 mg topiramate) and I’d like to get off of it altogether, but having a tough time. I think anxiety is an issue for me, and I need it, so might just have to keep it onboard for awhile longer. But I’m not liking the 25-30 pounds I’ve put on since starting SSRIs three years ago. This extra weight is not typical for me, so it’s frustrating.

Hi nabeel!
I just got up to 100 mg … 50 mg in morn and 50 mg at night. Its been a week so far. No improvements yet…but I am not throwing in the towel just yet. I will give it one to two more months. I promise to keep everyone updated …good or bad.
Are u thinking of giving it a try?


yes the topa is going to be my next med if i go through the new med route
just as much info I can before giving it a shot

Thanks to all for the replies. :smiley:

I am at a point where I get confused and am forgetting things that people have posted here…gee doesn’t that sound familiar?

Woke up this morning on the tilt-a whirl from hell, so depressed, and realizing I need to at least be able to go to work in a little over 4 weeks.

So, I read everything I could, got brave & restarted my Prozac this AM at 10 mg. I’m still taking the Topamax but going to stick to 25 mg for now as going higher was obviously not a good thing just yet (shortness of breath; seems okay now), but I need to give it a fair shake. The Prozac made me feel a bit better, gave me a little energy & that is a good thing. Still took 2.5 mg Valium as per usual mid AM for the dizzies, and a quarter mg of Xanax so that I could handle the grocery store, but all in all for a day that started out horribly I think I did an okay job getting through it.

I’m feeling hopeful. Something just has to give, and at least soon enough that I don’t end up in the poor house! :roll:


Just found out Prozac, fluoxetine? is fluoride.

Not taking it.

Damn. Was so hopeful.

The whole meds conversations is overwhelming! Some of the most gracious and hard working people I know have chronic diseases; hang in there K!

Thanks Lisa.

It is tough. Just found out bank acct overdrawn to boot. Not my fault, actually!! But I just don’t need any more bad news.

Going to look at the University of Maryland’s Med School’s site, they have a page on migraine and complimentary meds. I think I can up my 5htp to 400mg a day? that seems a lot but better than fluoride. Going to check first. For now dinner!


I take 50mg of prozac and 200 mg of topamax a day. 100mg in morning and 100mg at night. I feel great. I have weird dreams but thats about it.

Hi! I’m ok on 200mg Topamax for sezures. I take Xanax 1-2 mg a day for anxiety. I was just given 20 mg Prozac by my doctor for depression. I’m kinda scared to take it because of the side effects from the Topamax. You take both and feel ok? Have you had any increased side effects?