Anyone recommend migraine friendly snacks?!

Hi everyone

Getting a little bored of the plain old Migraine diet… have any of you found any tasty migraine friendly snacks or meal ideas?! :thinking: think I have exhausted my brain with this! :woman_facepalming:

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Yes i would love to know but my fav is avacado on toast with tomatoes lil pink salt or a biscuit with a cup of tea lol i think thats guidlines though lol or pretzels

Have you used the Search facility to check this out? I’m sure I’ve seen similar threads before. There is the dizzy cook website, with recipes. I believe James said she is actually a forum member too. I think there are recipes on the www. as well.

Yep, agreed any diet ie restriction, soon becomes boring. It sure is a case of what’s on everybody else’s plate looks better. It most probably is! Helen

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Thank you Helen!

I’ve just sat down so will take a look at the links!
I need some flavour in my life :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

Going to make oat and blueberry flapjacks later migraine safe! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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@Tash21 avocado is one of my biggest triggers!!! Saddest tragedy

I dont wvwn know my triggets 10 yrs on! Is it instant when you know you have a trigger?

Hi Tash

It varies from person to person I suppose. I know I feel dizzy the next day after having Dairy milk. Helen @Onandon03 might chip in here with your question as I know she does have a delayed response to triggers.

I wouldn’t worry too much as I am still learning my own triggers. :woman_facepalming:

Hey Tash I became aware of my triggers at the beginning of my migraine headaches journey almost 5 years ago, they started as morning headaches that would go away to then having 24/7 pain for 2 months without any relief and no money or medical insurance, when I was finally able to pay a dr and he said he thought it was migraines I went over the list of possible triggers that I found on the internet and started eliminating one by one, not all of them at the same time cause then I wouldn’t know which one was causing pain and which wasn’t …with this method and with a lot of patience I know that avocado, eggs and any cold cuts/sausages are a for sure headache for me …chocolate and tomato products are sometimes triggers but not all the time so I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Those are the only 100% sure triggers that I can recognize. The rest is seriously very hard because it looks like the body doesn’t react the same every time

Hey Kirsty, Everyone,

Pumpkin Seeds and Unflavoured Popcorn is my go to.

During my phase of thinking i had an Autoimmune condition (still think immune system plays a role) i came across a guy on YouTube called Adam Immune. He reviews products that cater towards the Autoimmune community. He is based in America so a lot of the snacks he tries are USA centric but it shows there is a viable business in selling this stuff now. Check him out as he gave me ideas for more traditional snacks that we all might crave after like crisps (potato chips) / bar snacks and sweet treats etc.


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Thanks Andy!

I will def check out (Adam Immune) as I do actually have MS aswell as MAV so that is something I would be interested in!

Thanks so much for your response! :+1:t3::slightly_smiling_face:

Heal your headache says you can eat so much though ice cream is one

Hi Kirsty,

Did you check out that YouTuber? Also are you on the AIP Diet or Wahls Protocol?


Hi Andy!

Hope you’re well?
I did indeed watch his video! He has some great tips… I know it is specifically inflammation based but still I can’t help but think when I am really symptomatic that there is some inflammation being “set off” in my body to cause it! I do Heal your Headache and try to avoid dairy (but only because I am intolerant to cows milk) I haven’t had a chance to see his other videos but I did see some more underneath!

Thank you for the recommendation! :+1:t3:
Much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: