Anyone take feverfew?

:smiley: any side effects?


I tried it for about a month but started getting dry mouth and mouth sores - a common side effect - so I had to stop.

I tried it years ago, and didn’t have any side effects at all. But no benefit either!

I took it for the first 6 months after diagnosis. My perception is that it helped with the nausea - although dind’t do anything for my other symptoms

Thanks guys.
The reason l asking, l think l got a rash from it. So stopped.
But it did clear my head a bit.

Sue :smiley:

I take it in a compounded formula from my neurologist that includes magnesium, B2, butterbur and feverfew. I can’t tell if what benefit I receive from the butterbur and feverfew, but do believe the magnesium and B2 at 400 mg is helpful. I’ve not experienced any side effects from it so far and I’ve taken it for several months.

Sounds like all the things you need to help with migraines.
I took fever few only for 2 days and the day l stopped, l went crashing down in an exhausting panic attack which lasted for a few hours. I cried so hard, and felt so desperate that l really thought l was dying or going mad. I felt like the entire world was caving in around me, and l didn,t know how to get out. Just wondering if this could be a cause of taking feverfew? I read that anxiety is ine of the withdrawal symptoms. I know it helped with migraines but increased my anxiety and gave me a rash.

sue :smiley: