Anyone take more than 480 mg Verapamil?

I was doing ok on 240Mg but started back at the gym and things got worse. I doubled my dose at the advice of my doctor, he said 480 is the max dose. Well that helped a lot and for the most part Im not dizzy, except for middle of the month when I get a hormone surge(ovulation) and.on my menstrual period. Out of desperation, I took another 120Mg pill on a bad day and noticed it stopped the dizziness in about 20 minutes. So I have been doing that on my days, mostly caused by hormones, but the doc told me the max dose is 480mg. I take 240 am and pm. I have another appt. With him on the 15th of this month and I will ask him what he thinks, but was curious if anyone else takes more. On a bad day I take a total of 600 mg.I see people who take it for cluster headaches take more, around 720Mg, wondering why he said 480 was the max?