Anyone tried chiropractic neurologist?

Hello, I’m new to this site and to knowing this thing that has been attacking me for several years now. I have had some relief with a chiropractic neurologist who gave me about two years of symptoms free, and recently went back to for more of the same but without the results and a hefty tab. Is it worth going for drug free form of treatment or go back to my traditional neurologist who didn’t give much hope…

Interesting discipline. What treatment did they give you and do you have any idea why it gave you relief? What symptoms were helped most?

Classic upper neck manipulation gave instant relief for sinus and ear pressure, lots of balance and visual exercises, and new on my last visits some electrical stimulation of my face around my eyes and jaw. Not sure what part really helped the most. Three years ago I was amazed with the results and became a true believer, but my last experience over the last few months hasn’t been the same. So many confusing variables I’m not sure what triggers the vortex and what relieves it, thought maybe others input could shed some light (but not to much light or noise!)

Crazy coincidence that you mention this. I am new to the site as well. Have had vestibular migraine for one year. Met with a chiropractic neurologist last week to get my initial evaluation and he claims he can really help me. However for 15 adjustments the price is $2500 up front. I’m thinking of getting a second opinion with a “regular” but respectable chiropractor. Not sure if there is a big enough difference in outcome? I’ve never been to chiro before either so I’m nervous. Doesn’t help that I’m also a nurse and a little skeptical of chiropractors anyways :slight_smile:

A few years ago I was in bad shape, 6 weeks of nonstop dizzy, tinnitus, sinus pressure ready to go insane. I am in the commercial fishing industry and highly skeptical of chiropractic. I didn’t know a name for what was going on but I saw an add and I was desperate. The first visit I had instant relief so much I was crying for joy! I kept going for about 4 months and felt normal for the next two years. The beast has been back for six months now, I ran straight to the chiropractor, but it hasn’t helped at all. The only thing is my spinning has changed, instead of always horizontal now it might come vertically out of nowhere and flip me out of the recliner! So my savior hasn’t come through this time and I’m confused, didn’t know if anyone has ever tried chiropractic neurology

Thanks for the post fishman! That’s a very interesting idea. I never heard of a chiropractic neurologist before, but it makes a lot of sense to me. For my part, I’ve been convinced for a while now that my poor posture has had something to do with my lightheadedness. I notice it coming on (along with other symptoms, like paresthesia), after only a short time in some particularly bad positions, like craning my neck about as straight down as possible to hunch over my phone, or sitting on our couch which offers basically no back support. Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you this second time around. Best of luck to you!

Hi Fishman, When you say “chiropractor”, did you go to an upper cervical chiropractor? I ask because there are different types of chiropractors. I found an exellent upper cervical chiropractor that took a 3D scan of my neck before he adjusted me. With the very first adjustment I was relieved of the vertigo, spasms around my eyes, nausea, ataxia, seizure like episodes, slurred speech, stuttering, fatigue, and general feeling of being unwell. I had been suffering with an array of the aforementioned symptoms for 2 years off and on. The more severe symptoms of seizure like episodes and speech problems scared me into going to the emergency room 2 times. All of the tests they did showed that I was healthy. They ruled out stroke, MS, and epilepsy. The neurologist at the ER told me that it was psychogenic and was caused by anxiety. I was still having problems so I went to see an endocrinologist. He too ran tests. The results were that I was healthy. I was unable to work and care for my baby. I couldn’t drive. This was extremely difficult for me, as I am an independent person. I found the MAV group while looking for help online just before I saw the new upper cervical chiropractor. I’ve been in treatment with him for 3 weeks now and am grateful to say that I feel like I have my body back again. All of the symptoms are gone. I highly recommend this method of treatment.

I have an atlas orthogonal chiropractor. They help with some things, but it’s no miracle cure.

Hi Dahlia, wow I can’t believe how long it has been since I have checked in to this website. Thank you for reaching out it keeps me mindful of how desperate things can be. I want to share the success I have had since about August of 2016. I worked with my neurologist and shared some things I had learned from peoples stories. She put me on 100mg nortriptyline a day, and I bought a pair of special glasses, I think the company was called Avox (there are options), that filter out some blue and red wavelengths of light that are troublesome. Turns out my company had just installed high bay LED lights in our facility, which are terrible for MAV. Also computer and screens of any kind emit high levels of these wavelengths so the glasses help with that. But to the good news, I have been episode free since august 2016. My relief recipe is as follows, no guarantees:

1 regular rest schedule
2 avoiding the top ten trigger foods (although I now include 1 cup of coffee in the morning shh)
3 taking 100mg nortriptylene 1 hr before bedtime without fail
4 wearing the glasses no matter how goofy I look whenever under fluorescent, LED, or screen lighting
5 doing the stretches I learned to keep my neck limber

I must disclose the chiropractic neurologist, which is the name he goes by, was the initial step, in that when my neck was corrected I gained enough relief to even begin to relax enough to let these other factors work. You must believe there is help or you wont be able to relax your mind enough for anything to work. Hope this helps, good luck

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