Anyone tried .... SAUNA?!

I’m wondering if SAUNA might be a good therapy! No i’m NOT kidding!

SAUNA gives you tripple benefit:

  1. Sweat the salt out, reduce water retention, increase your metabolism.
  2. Relaxation
  3. Socialising thereby reducing stress levels

Or, by that token … a nice long SUMMER HOLIDAY which would have similar effect?

One of my neighbours has a place in Thailand and he always says his tinnitus (brought about by trauma, but luckily has no dizzies) always gets better out there …

Could be a plan?


And no i’m not mad apparently … based on the idea (mine) that MAV is essentially Menieres without hearing loss (i.e. another Hydrops issue but somehow less severe - might be due to genes) … sauna has been used to help Menieres patients:

@ turnitaround … Could’nt deal with being closed in a sauna…but I do go to hydrotherapy classes 2x a week in an enclosed pool heated to around 32deg c, which is considered to be the optimal therapeutic temp. This is not aquarobics, but basically stretching exercises designed for treatment of back (and other) problems, run by a qualified physiotherapist. I always find water soothing, and feel better after a session., I simply skip the exercises that involve turning in ‘circles’.
The only time I missed classes was when I was trying to cut down on driving time - ‘in case’ I had an ‘eathquake’.
I enjoy the exercises, as the water supports me and I don’t fall on my face!:grinning: Been doing it for about 18 years now.

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