Anyone tried vioxx

Anyone tried vioxx before it was taken of the market?

'Mind if I ask why? :slight_smile:

after spending time both here and on the mdds support page, Ive seen how similar the conditions are symptomwise, and sometimes also treatmentwise. It seems that when mdds is treatable, it is usually through migrainedrugs or benzos. Recently a Fellow joined and told how he got rid of his symptoms after 14 years through low doses of first trileptal, then adding effexor after a few weeks. He definately had mdds as it started directly after a long and bumpy planeflight, and he said he could feel it comming back and being blocked by his meds whenever he did a lot of motion (boats etc), also his neuro used the spect-scan which actually showed problems with blood-concentration in his brain. I dont think anyone has ever used that on an mdds patient before.

Both of those meds are used for migraine (?), and I know nsaids can be helpful. A woman said her symptoms would disappear entirely when she used vioxx before it was taken of the market.

So its just another attempt for me to figure out this whole messโ€ฆ