Anyone with Ear Fullness have a Retracted Eardrum?

My left ear periodically feels “full.” I know many here complain of that issue as well. I’ve had my ear looked into with an oto-scope when it’s felt that way, and I’ve been told my ear drum is retracted, possibly due to fluid in the middle ear (effusion). Has anyone else been told that as well?

yes i have the constant ear fullness and the retracted ear drum and have been told it is from my tmj.

Yes! Count me in!

I’ve a retracted eardrum on my left side, on and off, for about thirty years now (accompanied with tinnitus, earfullness, sometimes fluid in middle ear, pain, pressure, deafness).
Last few years more frequent and MAV kicked in (and Trigeminal Neuralgia).
My tinnitus is pulsatile since two years.
Definitely all related if you ask me….

Thank you for this post KennedyLane!


Ellis, has anyone suggested having a tube put in your ear? I don’t know if it would make things better, worse or have no effect…

Yes, I have a retracted eardrum on the right side. I also get the ear fullness and tinnitus and certain days when I am half deaf. Had this for around 20 years or more.


@ KennedyLane:

About 13 years ago I had tubes placed in my ears. So no Mav or TN at that time. I did have a retracted or bulbed eardrum very often (dysfunctional Eustachian tube) and I still do, even more so.
When they made the insicion to put the tube in, I felt immidiate relief. This is it! Felt great.
But at the moment they put the tube in, it was over. The tube didn’t became me.
My ears get irritated quit rapidedly, so for me that’s no wonder.