Anyone with this symptom?

hey all- sometimes I get a feeling that my brain is shaking, its last a few secs and goes away. Does anyone else get this symptom? I am still trying to figure out whats wrong with me as Ive been dizzy 24/7 for 18 months and have been under the impression I have “Uncompensated VN”. Just thought I would see if anyone else gets this.

Hmmm not sure would you say it felt like the inside of your head is vibrating? Is it in the back of your head?

What is uncompensated VN? Could you explain a bit?
I feel like my brain is bouncing around in my head if i jump or shake my head etc. (which i don’t do because it hurts, but anyway…). But i never feel like my brain is shaking if i am keeping my head still. It is only when i move. I am actually quite sure that it is the blood i feel.

When I was first unwell with VM, I would feel like my head was full of rocks that we’re moving about, especially when I moved my head. I would also feel like my head was vibrating. The feelings were almost constant. Fortunately I get neither of these anymore. Not sure if that’s similar to what you experience, but what I had can definitely be attributed to migraine. I was initially diagnosed with vestibular neuritis, but this diagnosis was changed to vestibular migraine once I found a specialist who knew his stuff. I don’t think that vestibular neuritis would hang around for 18 months. Have you seen a specialst to help you with a diagnosis and treatment plan?

Thanks for all your replies! Yes, vibrating is also a good description. It doesn’t happen all the time usually when I am still like sitting or lying down, after movement so the movement provokes these crazy feelings in my head. I have been told “uncompensated VN” is I got VN, and basically instead of the normal 6weeks to recover for some reason my brain is not recovering and hasn’t yet “compensated” for the inner ear loss. I am just now starting to look into VM but I don’t usually get headaches just lots of false movement inside my head and feeling like the floor is dropping/moving act. I am trying to get into a specialist dr for a 2nd opinion.

Yes I get the vibrating feeling in my head, I have had that symptom for 10 months now mine is definetely down to migraine. I get migraine headaches and didn’t get the vibrating feeling in my head till my migraines got really bad. Helenc how long did it take you to get rid of the vibrating feeling in your head? How did you get rid of it? Ive had it constantly for 10months it’s the most annoying thing ever.

My VM began with the ‘vibrating’ or rocking movement inside my head when I was sitting down. Helen’s description is exactly how I felt! I agree that VN would not last for 18 months. Vestibular Migraine is far more likely to be the cause. The ‘rocking’ symptom is often experienced by VM sufferers. Medication got rid of the rocking for me - I tried Nortriptyline first then my Neurologist switched me to Prothiaden (Dothep).
Seeing a neurologist/neuro otologist who understands & treats VM would be a good way to go!

Sarah, headaches are only one aspect of migraine, and a lot of VM suffers on this board don’t get headaches. It’s good you are trying to get in to see another specialist. If possible, try to see one recommended on this forum as they have an understanding of how VM works, unlike many so-called specialists.
Julia, I started doing VRT about 9 or 10 months into this condition, and that helped a fair bit with this issue and other visual symptoms. I know VRT can make some people with VM worse, but for me there was good improvement. But for full relief from the shaking/vibrating feeling, like for Barb it was medication that knocked out the last of it. And although I’m not on medication now, I’m very grateful that many of those dreadful symptoms have not returned.

Hi - I was diagnosed Jan 2014 with VM. One of my regular symptoms of several is a feeling when walking that I have a head full of jelly! A weird disturbing feeling!! Started drugs in late Jan (Pizotifen) but no great change as yet - only chronic aide effects fatigue etc.