Anything help the heavy head/bobble head feeling?

It seems like even on my not so dizzy days the heavy head still comes and goes and is just as bothersome. Especially if I don’t sleep enough the night before. Does anything help? Even natural remedies? Not sure if things are gonna work out with the Topa, but I have Depakote just in case. I woke up feeling rather crappy after my 25mg dose last night :frowning:

I too often wake up heavy headed. I just don’t want to lift my head up off the pillow even if I have slept through the night. I ususally wait until I have something to eat then take a xanax 0.25 mg with my other meds. This often helps with the heavy head and sometimes even the dizzies. Take care,


Hard as it becomes to do it, after exercise (lap swimming) my energy is better, my head clearer/lighter.

Any way to get acute relief from head pressure / heavy head feeling? I get so much pressure in the back of my head that spreads around to my temples and it’s one of the worst symptoms for me. I’ve tried giving myself or have my boyfriend give me a head massage but the relief lasts probably less than a minute.

I’ve been thinking of trying Cefaly for it. I just got the Gammaccore device today so will be trying it for that. This stuff is so expensive but I’m at a stage where I just need to feel some kind of relief.

this was my very first MAV symptom. It disappeared when the vertigo began. Now that I am in a sort of “remission” I have experienced it more recently for a few days here and there but it mostly self-resolves

its migraine though – prophylaxis is the only thing that works long-term