Appointment with Dr Surenthiran

I’ve got an appointment with Dr S in Maidstone on Friday. I have to take all my previous otoneuro reports. I certainly hope I don’t have all those horrid tests again. She still wants me to start sodium valproate but i’ll hold off and see what dr s says. I’ve also got a borderline thyroid abnormality, whatever that means.


Hi lovey

I’ve read a lot of your posts on this site and not sure which is the most current (you’d mentioned previously about your job/hubby/kids etc) but just wanted to wish you luck for your appointment.

I went to my GP today and considered asking for a referral to Dr S but figured I havent given the team at Addenbrooke’s a chance yet as I’ve only had 1 initial consultation and my ENG test and my follow up is not until the 18th March. I’ve heard amazing stories about the Neurotology team at Addenbrooke’s so I’m going to put my faith there but if I need a 2nd opinion, I’ll ask for a ref for Dr S in Kent as that’s not massively far from where I live (Essex).

I’m starting my first dose of Nori 2nite!!

Stay strong x

Great news Izzy - also fab that you don’t have to wait very long - I waited 4 months for my appt with Waterston!

Good luck with the nori Muppo! For some reason I’m expecting Dr S to put me on that, but we shall see.

Unfortunately my marriage seems to have finally broken down due to the MAV. I’ve had to move out of my home and stay with a friend for the time being. I just feel too ill at the moment to see solicitors and fight for my house and kids.

D-I xx

Gabrielle - I’m paying for this one, hence the short wait.

Izzy - that really really sux. So sorry you’re having all that to deal with as well as trying to deal with MAV. I do hope at least Dr S can help you out and get you to a point where youhave energy to take up the fight. can’t imagine how tough things must be for you right now - please hang in there

(ps I was paying to see Dr W too - so am still impressed by the 1 week wait :smiley: )

Hi, sorry to hear you are having such a rough time. I am a patient of DR S. Be assured he doesn’t do the vestibular testing a la The National Neuro Hospital.
I’m sure he will sort you out.

Thanks so much everyone for your kind wishes. I’m trying not to pin my hopes too much on the near-iconic status of Dr S. I know the S doesn’t stand for Superman!

Trouble is I’m in tears every day at the moment. Can’t separate the MAV from all the other crap.

Had about 2 hours earlier today when I felt a bit more +ve, and the sun was shining. I had to see my GP this morning and fainted on the way out and have really whacked my kneecap. And it’s so lonely without my kids and husband around. I relied on him SO much to help me with this crap and now there’s a void.

Anyway, I’ll try and balance optimism and realism. (I’m normally a half empty sort of girl)

Dizzy Izzy

Im so, so sorry that this is all hitting you at once. When you get your meds sorted it will give you a stronger base with which to get things in perspective. I used to break down over everything and anything, and once I got my brain chemicals under control, life seemed much more manageable…although you are going through some major stuff, so I hope you give yourself a break and know that it’s totally normal to feel the way you do about those things…I hope you have friends or extended family that you can lean on in these troubling times. You will get through this, and life will be good again. Have faith and take things day by day…sometimes hour by hour…it doesn’t last forever…

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Trouble is I’m in tears every day at the moment. Can’t separate the MAV from all the other crap.
Dizzy Izzy

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Hi Dizzy Izzy,

I’d say most certainly the MAV and the other crap are setting each other off in a horrible spiral. I think a med is probaby a good idea at this point - to try and get to some kind of base line so you are in a position to properly deal with a lot of the stressors in your life right now.

Good luck with the good doctor and hang in there!