Appt tomorrow

Hello all

Tomorrow is my appt at the Tampa bay hearing and balance center to see a Neurotologist and I’m excited and so anxious …the past week has been the worst so far, please send good vibes and prayers so I can get answers and relief, I know this is a long process and I most likely won’t start feeling better until who knows when but I’m just hoping.

Any advice? Any questions I should ask? …I want to be as prepared as possible

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Wonderful news! Good vibes :raised_hands:t2: and prayers :pray: for your appointment. Please update us afterward!

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Diana, that’s great. Wishing you well.

If you go to the personal diaries part of this site, Turnitaround has a suggested format for us to use here. I think it might be useful for you to use this to jot down some thoughts in advance of your appointment and to take with you. It’s one thing I wish I’d had before my first appointment. It’s so easy to forget details.

Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:


Sending you so much positive vibes :slight_smile: write a list of symptoms I find that really helps

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