Are those VM or Mal Debarquement symptoms?

I was just diagnosed with mdds after 3 months of testing and seing various doctors. And most symptoms fits (but I wasnt on any cruise, etc). But when I was doing reserch few things were quiet off for me. Please check out my symptoms? Are they similar to yours? Could this be that the doctor was mistaken?

All kinds of swaying and rocking sensations, I’m having trouble walking straight, but I do walk, I don’t fall. Sometimes I feel like everything around me is moving back and forth like on a ship. Sometimes nothing is moving except for me losing my balance every few seconds. I was having this every day for two months, except for about ten days, that I felt normal. It starts when I get up and start walking. I get this mild symetrical headache that is like a mild tension in the head and it all starts. I also feel very shaky all the time, like my nervous system was pulsating all the time, my head and legs are pulsating. I have slight change in the vision sometimes, like for a while one eye gets a little blury, just slight so that I cant really tell if it’s true or just my feeling. Sometimes one pupil gets slightly bigger than the other. It only lasts few seconds and they react to light the way they are supposed to. Sometimes I feel like the vision pulsates slightly, just slightly, borderline unnoticeable. (This is all different from the typical migrane aura that I used to have sometimes. Sometimes I feel like everything I see is hypervivid, like I’m on drugs or having a panic attack. I was having anxiety and panic attacks prior to the begining of my sickness. Sometimes I feel some stiffness in my neck. I was seen by an eye doctor(I have some eye conditions but none of them seems to explain those symptoms), many neurologists(they say I’m fine), ear specialist and others. They ruled out SM, other brain problems, serious neck prpblems, etc.They did VNG test and they say my one vertigo? ( is that the correct word) is hypersensitive but it shouldnt give such symptoms. Sometimes the symptoms stay all day, sometimes they come suddenly. (but are never very violent, they are however super anoying). It all started with dull headaches during pregnancy, then the dizzines after walking around, then this internal feeling of shaking(like I’m super stressed all the time, and now this feeling of surrounding swaying.
I’m starting SSRI medication today. I also have physical theraphy for the neck. I’m taking Betaserc. I got better so I thought they helped but it all came back.
I’m borderline suicidal, I have a two month old baby to care for and zero energy. Please share your symptoms…

The reason I think it’ s migraine is the fact I hav sth simmilar 7 years ago (but milder) and it went away after migraine medication (divascan). Maybe it’s coincidence.

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Welcome, you check all boxes for VM. What Ssri are you starting? SSRI can help both MAV and your anxiety.

Seek help from a counselor or therapist. Talk to your friends and family. There are many folks here who had this come on around child labor.

I agree with Vignesh. You sound like one of us.

Please don’t hurt yourself. This condition sucks, but you are not alone and you can get better. Stick around here. We offer love and support, stories, strategies and an understanding community. Your condition is real and there are treatment options, none works for everyone but most of us find relief along the way. Life can become bearable and beautiful again.


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Thank You for Your answer. Setaloft with setraline. I’m anxious about the side effects. I’m anxious in general. I noticed that stress makes all the symptoms ten times worse.

You can ask for Amitriptyline or Nortriptyline. They work better for MAV. There are folks who have seen positive effects with Sertraline as well.

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Thank You for your care and understanding.
:slight_smile: I almost cried tears of hope when I red this.


I was prescribed Amitrypline by the ear doctor but it turned out I shouldn’t take it due to my other conditions. Setraline should be safer for me (although not safe).

Welcome to the family. :heart:


I was diagnosed with both and I have seen the top specialist in the US for MDDS. It doesn’t really matter which you have since MDDS is probably just a variant of MV. So yes, welcome to the club. I have MDDS from elevators! And computers! Not from boats. And I used to feel like I was walking on a trampoline, but I got better. Now I’m on 4 mini-meds and am at about 90%. And I’m working again FT (YAY!) and I’m giving my first public talk next month. So, don’t worry - it’s terrible now but you WILL get better. Hard to believe but it’s true for more than 80-90% of vertigo sufferers by the end of the first year.


I’m on Effexor 37.5, Amitriptyline 15mg, klonopin .25mg and trazadone .25mg.

Wow, a four-med combination! Do you mind if I ask how you arrived at that combination? I’m guessing it involved a lot of trial and error.

@shazam, how soon did you start seeing the results from effexor ?

trazadone i always took for sleep, klonopin i took for occasional anxiety and it was the best at vertigo attacks when they were on and off. when vertigo became constant, i went nightly on the klonopin. effexor was Dr. Tim Hain’s first choice at that low dose. And amitriptyline was everyone else’s first choice so i added it last. each drug helped me a little more. they all have their special charms. none of them are even near a therapeutic dose. effexor is at half. the ami is close to the normal migraine prevention dose of 20mg.

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3 weeks

I agree each one does seem to have their own special charm. I am on effexor 10mg (10 beads) in the morning and Ami 20mg at night. If i try to lower the Ami my symptoms get worse the next day. sigh !

Do you have weight gain with Ami ? Each tablet is like 500 calories for me

Yes. I eat every carb in my path when I go above 15mg :frowning:

I have all these symptoms for 30 years,plus one of my pupils get bigger at times,my optician said it’s because I had glandular fever that caused this to happen.I would definitely say you have vestibular migraines,try cutting out chocolate,caffeine,most chemicals in foods,preservatives,this will help with the visual and headaches of vestibular migraines.

Despite the fact that I walked in yesterday and asked for venlafaxine, duloxetine or effexor, my neuro prescribed ami. Could she not see I’m already fat? She has no experience with the others because the practice in general has no experience with vestibular migraine. I will try the ami. If I gain weight, I’m off it. I’ve got enough metabolic issues and have worked too hard to throw that effort away.

And, my doctor’s going to get some rapid training from me on VM. I realize I’m basically a nightmare patient. I’m always medically complicated and I’m well informed. I’m going to try hard to use this as a gentle teaching experience for her. We need a MAV specialist in Seattle. Why not my recently certified neuro? She’s young and bright and I think eager.

The easiest approach is to let her treat this like she treats any other migraine. She is a neurologist and she will be familiar with migraine treatment.

My doc is having me try Nort, which is a close relative of Ami. I asked him specifically about the weight gain and he said that in his experience, his patients didn’t have that. He said the most common thing they reported was the dry mouth (which I have, but it’s not that bad and I don’t mind sipping on something throughout the day anyway).