Are we more susceptible to getting sick?

I don’t know if I am about to catch a cold or something but my voice sounds like James Earl Jones and I’m getting lot of compliments from it. I have never gotten sick during the summer time which is weird.

My take: no, don’t think so, though it can seem that way sometimes. But obviously anything within the domain of MAV can relapse at any point and you are more likely to get a relapse when feeling under the weather from something else. I found that coughing and sneezing can worsen things a lot.

Enjoy the attention :wink: and hope you get better very soon.

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Young, when I’m more symptomatic (usually from the weather/pressure) my voice gets hoarse. Going to guess its a kick up of the sinus issues from the MAV crap controlling it. Just drink a good amount of water and ride it out. It’ll return to normal.
It did it to me today. Left work early cause a migraine became full blown and I didn’t want to power through it.

How is your new job going? My voice do clear up by mid afternoon when I drink lot of water and tea.

Yeah, it’s the fluxing of the sinuses from this MAV garbage controlling the Trigeminal nerve! (had to rewatch the Migraine Summit video to remember it)

It’s pretty good. Kind of awkward telling my supervisor today that I had to take off because of a migraine cause I felt like I wouldn’t be able to complete the job thoroughly. But I said, if there was training today I’d power through it but since there isn’t is it okay if I go home and rest. He said yeah. I just don’t want this MAV crap to get in the way of being able to work a job or people thinking I can’t fulfill the position I’m in. Tomorrow I’ll mention that getting migraines like that for me are rare now (which they are now since I’m closer to baseline again). The past week and a half I had some light headedness and squishy ground but it goes away after 5-10 mins. I’m sitting for most of the day so I can kind of ignore it. Today I had the tilting and the feeling of motion sensitivity. That sucked. The weather has been real crap the past couple days, but as noted, slowly compensating.
On a super plus note, the Theraspecs I’ve been wearing have been helping me 100% from florescent lights and lights in general.
Now it’s a matter of compensating more like baseline where the weather was rarely touching me and it was ever so slight, with a slight headache but nothing major.
Currently in bed and the headache has decreased in pain but the MAV offness (sinking feeling and light sensitivity) is up. This too shall pass.

We had a tornado or 2 a couple days ago too in southern portion of CT. Quite intense.

How’s the meds been treating you? I haven’t been viewing the board as often every night so I apologize if I haven’t kept up on your journey as well.

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Theraspecs rocks ! If you don’t like the cyclops styling get a blue light blocker from Amazon

Haha, people say I look like a rockstar with them. They’re actually pretty nice.

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I have these at home. I don’t like em. It’s too amberish for my liking and I feel like i’m in a twilight zone.

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How you getting on Young? … you still on the Diamox?

Not anymore. Been off of it more than a month and on 15 mg ami currently. Doing little better having off days here and there. About to move up to 20mg if it further helps. My metabolism is crazy on ami and i’m eating everything in sight ha!


I’m on 15mg Ami too. I am so much better now but I too eat everything in sight. My shrink says that’s not possible on such a low dose but he has no idea!

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