Arm and leg?

Does anyone else feel like their arm and leg are tingly/prickly and that they feel weaker than your other?

Yes me, but for me it’s right hand and both feet xx

I have this as a side effect of my meds

I am just trying to figure out if I have mav. I keep getting prickly sensations and numb sensations.
I have left sided head symptoms every day and constant dizziness 24/7 after having vertigo for about 6 weeks.
I am constantly tired, can’t stand lights or loud noise, nausea and generally unwell everyday.

If you stress over your symptoms and what you might have all the time, you will make yourself feel 10 times worse, you really will, i have been there :confused: Anxiety makes migraine worse.
Try to accept everything you are feeling is down to migraine which is a complex neurological condition with many many symptoms.
I hope you can get a referral soon to confirm this and relieve some of your stress, and maybe start on some medications.
I find sometimes ibuprofen helps me, might be worth a try for really bad times if you are ok to take it?

I know I can’t help but worry because I feel so poorly. I have never hardly been out of the house for weeks. I have no energy and just want to lay down.

I felt like that too to begin with, i was sometimes shaking with fear i felt so weird :confused: I really really feel for you.
It’s just i know for a fact that being anxious and thnking about your health all the time really does make you feel worse, you have to try to relax until you can get an appointment and DO NOT google lol
It’s very tiring for the brain to be constantly trying to balance you, do you sleep well at night?

Things you can try immediately:

drink LOTS of water each day, migraine brains need to be hydrated
try to get some fresh air and a little walk each day
avoid the worse trigger foods such as caffeine, msg, sweetners, strong cheeses, nitrates, citrus fruits, bananas and raspberries, alcohol etc etc
try to get regular sleep, going to bed and getting up at the same times and aim for 8 hours if you can
paracetamol and some other painkillers cause rebound headaches, try to avoid all painkillers except ibuprofen only if really necessary
do some things to de-stress, watch some comedy movies, chat to some friends etc

There is a book ‘Heal your headache’ by David Buccholz, it says about it on here somewhere, i would strongly recommend you read it, it really helped me because it explains migraine and it’s various symptoms thoroughly and talks about how you can help yourself feel better including listing the diet in detail. I got a cheap copy from Amazon, could you get hold of one to read until you can get to see someone?

Please try not to think you have something really bad, it is unlikely, migraine is very common.

Thank you deethedizzy.
I will look tomorrow for that book.
Yes I feel so weird too and shaky. I feel like I will never be the same again.

Once you get anxious and depressed that makes you feel tired and causes it’s own symptoms on top of the migraine ones, just remember that and try to tell yourself that despite how bad you are feeling, nothing bad is going to happen.

Big hugs, i really hope you can feel better soon, on medication or in the future theres nothing to say you won’t be feeling better xx

Thank you. I think I am just worried because I haven’t been diagnosed properly and I just have myself.

Where are you from?
I don’t know how old you are but it’s common for migraine problems to start around age 35 in women, that is exactly the age it started for me, i am now 39.
Do you have family or friends you can explain how you feel to? It’s hard for them to understand but at least they can perhaps help you around the house or drive you to the doctors etc?
There are some Facebook groups on MAV too you can join and also some ideas for what to eat on the diet groups :slight_smile:

Cumbria and I am 43.
My partner does most stuff around the house and for our 2 children, I hate having to rely on people though.

As you live in Cumbria maybe it would be easier to get to see Dr Silver. Ask your GP for a referral to this neurologist (look him up & you’ll see he’s an expert in treating migraine). I think he also consults on the NHS but you’d get to see him faster if you did the intial consult private then you can switch. Search the forum & you’ll find plenty of info.

Dr Nicholas Silver Neurology Consultant, Warrington, Cheshire …

So many of us (me included, have wasted precious time & money seeing ENTs & neurologists who do not know how to treat Vestibular Migraine. Many of them have never seen any patient with this condition. None of the GPs at my practice had any idea what was wrong with me & the ENTs & neurologists I saw didn’t know either. Mine is not an isolated case, in fact many forum members, in many countries have had the same difficulty! If you can get to see a specialist who can treat you you will save many days/weeks/months of needless suffering. After a year of fruitless searching I found this forum - flew from Adelaide to Sydney to see Dr Granot & have never regretted it.
Starting the diet is good & de-stressing as much as you can will help!

Thanks barb.
I will see if my bloods are all ok tomorrow and if they are I might print some information off about mav and dr silver and show my gp. It’s a long shot but I will ask. I saw an ent specialist last week and he was useless. I told him I had pressure in the side of my head everyday and off balance and earache and feelings that my left ear pops when I swallow etc and he didn’t say anything. He said he thought I had bppv that had resolved, load of baloney because that doesn’t give you headaches and pressure etc.