Arm movements make anyone dizzy?

I have this weird thing where not only does upward/downward/backward/forward movement of my head make me dizzy, but also upward/downward movement of my arms makes me dizzy! When I wash dishes and my arms move up and down, when I shave and my arms move up and down, it resonates in my head something fierce on bad days, and I got dizzy and lightheaded very quickly. Does anybody else have this experience?

Jon, got to say, that is odd! :smile:. But nothing about this condition surprises me now :slight_smile:

Off-topic aside: I’m curious: why the graph as your icon?

I thought it was because when I made those motions I was also moving my head to compensate, but unless it’s one of those things you can’t see yourself doing (like blinking) that’s not what’s happening. It is very strange. I am titrating off one med now and going to immediately get off another as soon as that’s done. Another possible explanation is that it has something to do with my neck or the nerves that pass through there. The nerves that innervate my upper arms go through the neck I believe…

I didn’t pick the graph as my icon for this site specifically, it’s connected to some service that ties it in with my email address I believe. Anyway I picked it because it has to do with statistical test/item development (psychometrics) which is what I do for a living.

Absolutely yes! A nightmare putting things in cupboards etc and I actually fainted when washing my car because I decided to try to push through the dizziness even though I had reached a point where I couldn’t see! It was one of the first symptoms because I noticed the nausea and dizziness every morning when brushing my hair or cleaning my teeth. Even with nortriptyline had a bad experience yesterday because I decided I really needed to clean my mirrors and windows. Had to sit still for 2 hours. Ridiculous!

Sounds terrible! That reminds me of how terrible shoveling my car out of the snow used to be, although I think that was an all-around tiring thing to do for the whole body. I’d be in bed the rest of the day after that. A little bit of Valium – 2 mg, which is all I ever take – usually makes me feel a little better. Also sometimes doing those things slowly, like shampooing my hair slowly, makes it much easier to deal with. But you know how it is – when it’s one of those days, it’s just one of those days…